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Wanted To Buy / Lobster hoops
« on: September 16, 2021, 04:17:53 PM »
looking for some Lobster hoops, preferably promar 32" or similar
FW Sacto is out


General Fishing Tips / Delta Fishing - not kayak
« on: September 09, 2021, 08:28:15 PM »
Had a great day Wednesday fishing the delta with Colt45 and Randy Pringle (guide)

Randy runs the 'Best Bass Tournaments', which I like mainly cuz the initials are BBT, my initials!

Randy met us at the Flying J in Lodi on HWY 5, and took us and his boat to the ramp  We launched up and got started.  Randy starting teaching right away - tide flow (in freshwater) and impact on fish, sure enough we started hooking into some stripers fast.  George (aka Colt45) hooked into a monster 14# Striper, damn that was a nice hook up, fight and catch, I hooked into a couple smaller stripers - which was fun, that last striper I hooked into was spearfishing in the kelp as a kid in San Diego.  We then moved up the water and ended up in some heavily stained water - no fish, moved to clearer water, still few fish, then into less stained water, and starting hitting bass the rest of the day - felt like we were on a a fish show, so much catch and release going on.  Though it's funny, at first Colt45 went through a dry spell, then, around noon the dry spell moved to me - they were KILLING it, and I was like...yah, nice day though.  What a fun day.

Super fun day, worth the money, felt so weird leaving in the morning, no bait, not tackle, no rods, no boat, WTF?

learned how to toss some baits' I've never tossed successfully before, and some other new tricks.  We covered so much water, couldn't do that in my kayak - but fun to take advantage of the PB and cover some water.

I'd highly recommend Randy for any of you looking for a PB experience, he covers the delta and local lakes. Fun, informative, and  had all the necessary baits, rods, etc.


I plan to go out with him again.

Randy has a nice Bass Cat  boat that we fished

General Fishing Tips / Kayak Surfperch
« on: August 02, 2021, 09:33:44 AM »
I've caught surfperch from the beach before, curious to try from the kayak.

thinking it may be even easier
better view of the troughs from the back side of the waves
easier to keep the bait where I want it
more challenging to keep the 'yak from getting caught in the surf

from the beach I typically catch some sand crabs, so maybe artificial or squid chunks from the kayak?

anyone have any luck or tips you care to share?

Hobie Kayaks / H Rail rod holder
« on: July 23, 2021, 12:05:02 PM »
so I think the least favorite aspect of my Hobie PA are the H Rails, personally prefer the slots - convinced Hobie did the H Rail just to line their pockets with ca$h...alright, off my soapbox.


what H Rail rod holders do you guys like on the PAs?  Looking for something that can take the stress of a downrigger, easy in, easy out....but rod won't just pop out.

I've got my rod holder up on the t tracks now, but they're so far forward it takes me a while to address the rod when a bite is on.

side question: has anyone removed the h-rail from your PA?  I figure the biggest challenge would be supporting the rudder control and thrust direction control.  Or maybe I could attach some metal t-track to the top of the h-rail - wonky but might work

General Talk / NorCal beach camping, kayak fishing
« on: July 21, 2021, 09:26:46 AM »

I'm looking for good NorCal 'beach' campgrounds with excellent kayak fishing

looking to explore some areas between Bodega and Brookings (Oregon)

needs to be wife (non fishing, non yaking) friendly.

our camping equipment is pop up Coleman trailer - electricity and water are nice, but not necessary.  Targeting September/October - any recommendations greatly appreciated.

We've been to Harris SB (Brookings OR) many times - an awesome location for anyone looking - though the drive from Sacto ~8-9 hours - and you need to recover your boat each day.  Very nice campground, excellent town (and brewpubs) nearby.

Doran Beach looks interesting - did one launch there a few weeks back with the gang chasing Salmon.

I've camped at Shelter cove before - though not sure that would be wife approved - area is nice, campground so so

Albion river CG looks like  a great spot for fishing

Van Damme (Little River) looks nice on google maps

maybe Mackericher?

General Fishing Tips / Fallen Leaf Lake fishing - suggestions?
« on: July 07, 2021, 09:45:08 AM »
Camping at Fallen Leaf Lake campground next week - visiting in laws...so I plan to spend a bunch of time on the water :)
I've had good luck fishing for mackinaw in the past, deep with live fresh caught minnows and a 1 oz sinker. 

Now that I have a nice fishing kayak (vs. kayak) I plan to go after some other species as well
1. Kokanee - using my down rigger for one pole and extra weight (2 oz) on the second pole.  I'll use similar rigs as bullards, flasher, Macks..., corn
2. Mackinaw trolling with lures (speedy shiners) and corn at 100' on the DR, and a 8? oz weight on the other pole.
3. brown trout - no idea how yet
4. rainbow and cut throat trout - possible on same setup as Kokes?

any recommendations greatly appreciated. FLL is roughly same elevation as Lake Tahoe ~6200'.  Tends to be calm in morning and often strong mountain winds in afternoon.  The lake receives light fishing pressure (imo)

General Fishing Tips / Marine radio
« on: June 23, 2021, 12:03:10 PM »
I'm looking for a marine radio

I know I want one that
1. waterproof
2. floats
3. rechargeable batteries ~12 hour on time

what I don't know
1. some have GPS and can transmit location...is that really useful? feature seems to double the cost from ~$100 to $200
2. additional features
3. accepting replacement batteries might be nice if I got into bad trouble
4. some have bluetooth that you can hook to your phone...though that won't help with taking pictures of the fishies

wrt brands, I'm thinking Cobra, Standard Horizon, or Uniden

from following various threads, seems like most in NCKA are SH or Uniden
wtih the SH HX40 or HX300 being the leaders

anything specific I shoujld watch for?


Fishing Pics / Local pond - not kayak
« on: June 15, 2021, 03:40:27 PM »
took a quick break and hit the local pond again, 2 bass were good enough to play with me.  Sanko again, different color this time.  The two hit in the first 15 minutes...CNR CPR and back to work.  Work from home has some benefits, catching 2 bass way better than hitting the cafeteria for some overpriced blech.

I started fishing this pond in the winter, and have gone every week or two, sometimes more sometimes less. I think I finally got a good read on it and have improved my fishing technique. Next step is to try and catch some bluegill with the fly rod.  Apparently also some catfish, but not sure how to fish for them with artificial, and how not to gut hook them.

Craftsmen's Corner / Crab Gauge (+lobster, rock/Dungy, clams)
« on: May 19, 2021, 09:45:23 PM »
Fisherman's warehouse has been out of crab gauges, so I ended up getting a cheap one from Amazon.

so I thought, why not make one? could do from Aluminum, or wood, or 3D printer.  Decided on 3D printer really for ease.  my thought is to keep a couple things in the hull of my boat at all times, extra life jacket (yah, I forgot on the other day), crab gauges, copies of my licenses.

anyways, printed this up. happy for any feedback on improvements.  I'll throw a couple extra in the hull in case someone else needs one.

AOTY / newb question - AOTY fish rejected
« on: May 09, 2021, 09:34:13 PM »
...how do I find out why it was rejected?

this my first year, think i filled it all out correctly, picture seems fine - how do I get feedback on why my submission was rejected?


Craftsmen's Corner / Battery Holder
« on: April 25, 2021, 09:22:33 PM »
printed up a battery holder for the SLA battery to power my Garmin  Striker 4 GPS on my PA14
tried simple wire ties and a CURT battery holder first, but ended up printing

the last image is the cover that I printed up - realized I needed it after initial install

edited 4/26/21: added picture with proper lid and shot from the back.

A couple of us are planning to head out of HMB Saturday morning (tomorrow)
started from this thread

I'm targeting the ramp at 8-9 (drive from Sacto)
blue camo hobie, no radio yet

good to meet up with other NCKA folk

see ya

Introductions / BBT95762 intro
« on: March 02, 2021, 01:55:27 PM »
based in Sacto area, have done some kayak fishing up in Sierra, Tahoe, Fallen Leaf, in the American River, and some in the Ocean up in Oregon.  Looking to do more, recently upgraded to PA14 (wow, lot of boat) to replace the Old Town Loon 16T I was using.  The loon Tandem made a great fishing platform, big, heavy, stable, but love the capabilities on the PA14.  Looking forward to doing some bay fishing and Ocean fishing/crabbing.  I've taken the new boat out three times (Folsom, Almador, and Natoma) still has the skunk on it - need to fix that soon.

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