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Introductions / Saludos from Bodega
« on: September 18, 2020, 09:17:43 AM »
Hi yall,

I'm a new member living in Bodega. I've been kayak fishing from an older blue OK Prowler for about 5 years now. Recently lived in Big Sur, but I'll be in the Sonoma Coast for the next few years. I'm originally from San Diego (where I did quite a bit of kayak and pier fishing) and owned a couple small recreational vessels with my brother in Santa Cruz during our college years.

I got into Kayak fishing after spending a year working out of Hawaii as a fishery observer in the long line fishery. I logged a bit of time at sea and am an avid watermen. Like many of you, I take safety seriously and have really valued the safety courses and training I received with NOAA. Always open to refreshers and growing more knowledgeable as a mariner/watermen. I also mention this part because I am interested in getting back into observing, but would like to do it on the west coast. My dream job would be to observe in west coast ground fish (although I know its shut down due to covid-19) so if there are any connections I could make, please let me know. I have a comfortable job and am patient but just wanted to put it out there.

I am an avid surfer and looking forward to learning more about foraging on the Sonoma Coast. Another goal of mine is to learn to dive and spear fish, but that too will have to wait. In the meanwhile I'm pleased to join this community and reserve of knowledge. I'm learning a lot from you all and appreciate what is happening here. Stoked to participate in the NCKA.

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