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Topic: Monterey 12/23/23  (Read 1127 times)

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Todd W

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Overall pretty slow day, not too much action but we did manage a few halibut.  We got on the water around 9 from the coast guard. We targeted the area off cannery row, from 100-130ft. Bait was VERY hard to come by. I didnít get any bait until about 1030 when a school of sardines came on the fish finder around 80ft down and I was able to pull up 3. I dropped a couple times on squid marks and managed a few throughout the day on the sabiki, it wasnít thick enough for me to want to designate a rod with a squid jig but they were there. Anyway, I walked the sardines for over an hour before I found a halibut. I got bit in about 120ft of water, and while I was bringing the fish up my other rod got hit but got away with my sardine. Ended up landing a nice 20lber but was out of bait at that point. I paddled around and got a few squid, which I sent down on the 3 way swivel. About 20 minutes go by and I hear Sonny say heís on a big one, so paddle over to take a few pictures then my rod gets hit. I get a hook in the fish, feels good, got it about halfway off the bottom and my knot failed. Iím guessing it had a fray in it or the fishes teeth hit it just right but weíll never know. After that I decided to check my other rod. I reel up and my squid caught another squid, trying to mate with it I guess, so I took it off and sent it back down. As soon as it hit the bottom it got hit by a hali. On the drop! Doesnít get too much sweeter than that. I brought up a little 11lber and we pretty much called it a day.

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Right on!  Great job.   :smt001
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Nice deep water halibut catching!
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Excellent work!  Way to go!
We're gonna need a bigger boat!


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Nice to see someone is still fishing this time of year, good catches!

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Christmas Halibuts, Perfect.....someone's on the "nice" list


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Love the details in your stories. Great pics of you and Sonny.