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Topic: Monterey 12/16/23  (Read 1314 times)

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Todd W

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I launched this morning from the coast guard around 9 in pretty much perfect conditions. Water was 55-56 and the clearest I’ve seen it in a while, probably 15ft of visibility. I hooked a left from the coast guard and made my way to cannery row. I fished pretty deep all day from 100-110ft. The bait was super hard to come by but managed 6 sardines throughout the day. I got some smaller jack mackeral too, in the 4in range, but I know better than to waste my time with those. First bite came around 945 and it felt heavy but popped off when I had it 20ft or so off the bottom. No doubt a big halibut. I marked that spot and went over it again and was able to stick an 18lber about 20 minutes later. Spent the rest of the day trying to find bait, then getting bait, then going back to that spot and missing fish. I repeated that cycle like 3 times before calling it a day. A lot of missed bites today, it’s almost like the fish were biting around my hooks on purpose!


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Dang dude, you have this dialed. Nice work!

Are you just using a sabiki to catch bait?
- Kevin


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I'm beginning to wonder if Todd is human. Can anyone confirm that he is not an escaped AI and this isn't the beginning of the singularity? Seriously, well done. I don't know how you do it.

Fisherman X

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I'm beginning to wonder if Todd is human. Can anyone confirm that he is not an escaped AI and this isn't the beginning of the singularity? Seriously, well done. I don't know how you do it.

I can confirm he is human  :smt003.  I was searching for squids 🐙  by the red can in the morning and managed 3.  Got 1 good took down but it didn't stick.  No butt lap dance for me but got another great workout.  Had a chat with a nice game warden.
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Great to sea you both
And that a few squid and sardines are still around
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Way to get it done. I ended up joining the Pebble outing for some adventure and misadventure.
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Sin Coast

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Dude nice score! Thanks for posting these reports btw…it’s definitely changed my thinking about halibut in the bay, in terms of winter opportunities! And my first big halibut was on a jack mack btw!
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Boom!  Nice work again.   :smt001
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So sorry about your terrible day of fishing, which us mere mortals consider a good day  :smt005
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