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General Talk / Re: Sunday funday
« on: Today at 08:58:15 AM »
Good Times!  Way to make it happen and get the family OTW, Evan.   :smt001

Soakin' in 'but juju.  Nice job, bro.   :smt001

Fishing Pics / Re: Cold Feb morning
« on: May 17, 2024, 11:20:54 PM »
Quote from: Sailfish
Nice tail  :smt004

Nice tale.  Especially the "he" part.

The most beautiful thing is the executed plan!   :smt007

Just kidding - it's the fish.  But damn, dude, way to go get it!   :smt003

Love it.  Give us some play by play/slay by slay. 

Introductions / Re: New retired guy with a Hobie
« on: May 17, 2024, 01:06:37 PM »
Welcome to the community.   :smt001

After the raffle had just wrapped up and most everyone had cleared out, Sonny and his buddy Fabian were in the campground pavilion with me and Sonny asked about a Trophy Trough I might make for him.  That made me realize what I almost forgot to do.  I exclaimed, "oh fuck!" and ran out of the pavilion to my truck.  I'd made a custom 48" Trophy Trough for Captain Jake Mitchell, as a thank you for selling the raffle tickets and an acknowledgement of his status as a legitimate ambassador for Shelter Cove.

I presented the big Trough to Jake as the last move of the evening for the event, with only a handful of people there.  I wish I would've remembered to present him with it while everyone was still there.  Jake was stoked, and he told those of us standing there that he samples fish for a government science agency using a janky old trough.  Now he's got a new tool for the measuring and something to remember us kayakers by.

Raffle info:

I have always been busy administering the raffle, so photos of it and the prizes and winners are hard to come by! 

Here is a run-down of what was in the raffle:

- Cooler and cups from Sportsman's Warehouse
- PFD from Kokatat, plus t-shirt for grab bag items
- PFD from Pacific Outfitters
- Three custom gaffs from Piscean Artworks
- Ocean Setup with line counter from Englund Marine
- Grab bag items from The Lost Anchovy
- B2Squid - a squid for every angler!  and grab bag items
- Light Okuma setup from Redwood Marine
- $50 Gift Certificate from Bucksport
- Box of Custom Jigs from Kenny Baker
- Salmon and Tuna artwork from Mike Kaiser
- Tekota reel from GS benefactors
- Tournament hoodie from GS
- 5 Hawg Troughs with extenders from GS
- Fishfinder from GS
- VHF from GS
- OG Redwood Trophy Trough from GS

I hope I didn't leave anyone out.  It was a great spread for the group, and what a hoot it was to enjoy the winners' celebrations!

Big thanks to all of the sponsors and individuals who donated.

Please post photos of winners and items if you have them.  Thanks!   :smt001

Quote from: Ski Pro 3 -- Jerry
Finally!  Got around to unpacking and checking out my cool shirts.  Did anyone notice the year is not indicated on them?

For sure, Jerry.  I had originally worked with a local artist back in early 2020, Shawn Griggs - great guy who I've known since we were kids, and he has a studio in Ferndale - and I purchased the art for GS14 that was exactly like this year's art, but it had "14th Annual" above it.  When it came around to this year, I asked my printer if he could alter what I'd sent to him 5 years ago but never used - he said no problem.  So this year's art became a more general form of the Gimme Shelter piece.  I was very aware of it, but I felt that I should use it as it was rather than trying to engineer a new piece with more specific information about the year.  Admittedly, I feel I learned a lesson by dropping a bunch of money on the art back in early 2020, and then having to cancel due to covid.  One of the incentives for me to hold the event again was to use this art, and I'm very glad that I did.  I plan to use it in the future and just get different colored shirts and hoodies, but that plan could change.  More importantly, I realized in executing the tournament again that I really missed the community and interactions. 

The gear is fun to produce, and I'll always try to make it special.  I appreciate the feedback and will consider looking at how I can use Shawn's art and at the same time provide a date reference.

Right on.   :smt001

Introductions / Re: Hello
« on: May 15, 2024, 08:06:54 AM »
Quote from: Shidoobee
My son and I picked up two used Hobie Outbacks.  Been fishing forever from land for trout, bass, stripers, rock fish and snaring.  Going to start in local reservoirs, Sierra lakes, the Bay and then to Bodega, Monterey, etc.

Solid choice on the Outbacks.  Enjoy!   :smt001

Make lemonade!

Perch came with 'bonus' printables...

So stoked to have Brandi leading up the printing extravaganza.   :smt008

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