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Introductions / NovoFish & Rider
« on: July 20, 2021, 04:44:02 PM »
Itís been a minute since either of us has been on the scene. We probably donít know half yíall nowadays.

Fishing Tournaments and Events / Rollins Reservoir Fish N Chill 4/25-26
« on: February 27, 2020, 10:01:38 AM »
This is just a simple Fish N Chill not tournament no timelines no rules. Come and go as you please, fish when you want, and have fun. We will do a potluck Saturday eve for anyone who wants to participate.

I will be smoking up some pork bellies for everyone and Iím sure some other stuff too.

If you want to camp reserve your sites soon. I will be working on getting a shore front site so if you donít you can leave your yak on shore in my site.

Fishing should be on fire at this time the way the weather is trending this year. Iíve already been finding crappie so thatís a great sign.

Changed the dates so it does not on same date as AOTY at Berry

General Talk / Santa Rosa - place to stay
« on: October 29, 2019, 03:56:19 PM »

My wife is being requested to support the Kincade Fire with the Sonoma County OES but there is no place available to stay. She will likely be working nights and need a place to sleep during the day.

Is there anyone in Santa Rosa that might have the ability to help out?

Thanks in advance 

Sep 12-15, 2019 - Greenhorn Campground

This will be our first Rollins Reel Deal event and we will be raising fund for JT Borofka. JT is battling Triosephosphate Isomerase (TPI) deficiency is a severe disorder characterized by a shortage of red blood cells ( hemolytic anemia ), neurological problems, infections, and muscle weakness that can affect breathing and heart function. JT is one of four who has TPI in the world. Please take a couple minutes and watch the video to understand what the Borofka Family is going through. You will understand why we chose JT as our cause.


Fishing Tournaments and Events / Ignore - Change of plans
« on: May 21, 2019, 08:08:47 PM »
Boom  :smt044 :smt006 :smt013

Last FNC of 2018

Iím so looking forward to closing the door on 2018 and the only way I see fitting is getting out and chasing some trout.

So I will be fishing Sugar Pine Reservoir up out of Foresthill. If youíre in the greater Sac area this is a fairly close hookup and should produce some easy trout(usually does).  We will be launching at first light and spending most the day OTW. Might take a break and do a shore lunch of fresh fish if thereís interest.

If you think you are down for some chilly morning trolling amd wanna meet some other locals post up, show up, & have a great time. I will let you know whatís worked in the past for this Reservoir if you need intel.

Beer sampling as always.


Pay It Forward / Freitas Family Fundraiser 11/13/2018 - 12/9/2018
« on: November 13, 2018, 04:19:17 PM »
Good afternoon NCKA,

I know everyone is aware of the devastation that the Camp Fire did to Paradise Ca. This fire is going to end up being the most devastating forest fires in Ca history. The speed which this fire overtook Paradise was like the perfect storm. The winds coming from the east pushing the flames upon all the victims faster than anyone couldíve imagined.

One of my dear friends Bret Freitas and his family (Christina & Jack Jack) barely made it out of Paradise with pretty much the clothes on their backs. They literally drove through the flames to escape. I will post the video at some point. As they were leaving the fire was moving in the direction of his house. Ultimately they got word their home was gone.

Bret is an avid Kayak Angler who loves to target trophy trout up in the Sierras. He also is grooming his young son Jack Jack to be an amazing little outdoorsman and Kayak Angler. With the limited time Bret had to get his family out he was unable to grab any of his fishing gear or kayaks before leaving. Imagine losing your kayaks let alone all your fishing gear. Bret wonít tell us how much gear he lost for fear Christina will find out. LOL.

Through all of this Bret has started posting daily videos to document this tragic event in their life. The Freitas familyís positive attitude towards all they have been through is truly inspiring. Bretís positive role as a father will help sculpt their son Jack Jack into a strong and positive man as he witnessís his father ability to accept and adapt the their situation. Through all of this the Freitas family has asked for only one thing and it would be HUGS.

I have reached out to Adventure Sports Kayak City to help me put together a fundraiser for the Freitas family and theyíve come through. Thank you Brandon and Carl.

So I will be doing a digital raffle for a 2019 Camo Hobie Outback that will include shipping to your location if you are unable to pick it up from one of their locations. I want to be 100% transparent in this fundraiser so everyone knows where every dime that gets donated goes. The deal
I asked for from Adventure sport was a kayak at cost and shipping. So once I have concluded the digital raffle for the 2019 Camo Hobie Outback I will be paying Adventure Sports for the kayak and shipping. Once this is done 100% of the remaining funds will go to the Freitas Family. 

If youíd like to enter for a chance to win a 2019 Camo Hobie Outback plus shipping  and help the Freitas family out we will be accepting donation of $20.00 per entry. This will be done through PayPal - bretfreitas@gmail.com **FRIENDS AND FAMILY** When submitting your donation **DO NOT PUT RAFFLE IN COMMENTS**. Please just put Freitas Family in the comments. I will be updating totals from the donations frequently.

On December 9, 2018 at 12:00pm I will stop all donations so I have a chance to organize everyoneís  entries. The drawing for this will be December 10, 2018 at 5:00pm at Adventure Sports in Citrus Heights, Ca. We welcome anyone who is local to come down see the Freitas family and be apart of the drawing of the winner of this awesome prize. The more the merrier. The reason I chose December 10 was itís a special day to me, itís my Son Bryceís birthday and it will hopefully give us time if shipping is needed to get it to the winner by Christmas(not guaranteed) Wouldnít rhat be awesome to win for Christmas?!? 

I know there are so many people that were effected and need assistance from this tragedy that struck Paradise. I just spoke to an extended family member who we havenít been able to reach thank god. I have another friend who is still missing, who Iím sending out prayers he and his family are okay.  I know there are a lot of avenues for people to donate and Iíve donated money myself to help others from the Camp Fire already. I hope you can find this to be a worthy cause to help out such a great family.

Thank you for you time and I will be updating everyone throughout this campaign.


Wanted To Buy / ISO Eddyline Caribbean 12
« on: July 16, 2018, 09:57:53 AM »
If anyone knows of a Eddyline Caribbean 12 that needs a new home please let me know.

Sept 27-30

This is not a tourney or MBF just a FnC

This will be a great weekend for getting up to Hell Hole to Target Bows, Browns, Kokes, & Macks. If you have Crawdad traps bring them so we can do a couple boils. I want this to be a family event so feel free to bring the family along. If people donít want to fish there is some amazing hiking and mountain biking up in this area and it youíre feeling really adventurous you can hike aroundthe entire reservoir (yeah I wonít be doing this)

We will be heading up Thursday eve and will be setting up camp in the upper parking lot. Itís free camping but no fires 🔥. There will be plenty of space for quite a few people to show. We can do potlucks on Fri & Sat night and a group breakfast Sunday morning. I will be cooking up fresh trout for all to enjoy

If you havenít been up to Hell Hole before itís worth the drive.

The only rules are DBAD, no drama, dink and have fun or donít but either way DBAD. Bring something to the potluck. Be chilly, have a good time, and DBAD.

If you have questions post it up.

Pay It Forward / .
« on: January 04, 2018, 09:22:49 PM »

General Talk / NCKA express Colfax/Rocklin area to PIF
« on: June 19, 2017, 09:47:52 AM »
Hey Gang,

I have the #StephKillsit Hobie Kayak I need to get down to PIF. I was planning on attending but have too much going on right at this time so gotta bail.

The kayak is up in Colfax but I can load it up if someone can meet me down in Rocklin to grab it.

Let me know.

Mr. Matt and I will be launching from Greenhorn around 3:30p. Gonna target bass and crappie. Company welcome and we will be getting off the water around 9:15p

Bass have been hitting spinner baits in white/chart, top water, and stick baits.

Will be launching around 3:30 today to have some fun CPRing crappie and bass. Company is welcome and the fishing has been pretty good lately.

Launching at the greenhorn campground.

Pay It Forward / #StephKillsit guided fishing trip raffle
« on: April 20, 2017, 07:40:10 AM »
Hey Everyone,

Eric Tebbets the owner of Pro Kayak Fishing and Central Coast Kayaks in Pismo Beach read about Steph situation and wanted to do something to help. He contacted me and asked if I'd like to set up a raffle for a Guided trip for 2 out of Pismo Beach area. So of course I said yes anything to help Steph.


Here's the details.

You are bidding on a guided kayak fishing trip for two, a $300-$400 value, from Central Coast Kayaks/PRO Kayak Fishing located in Pismo Beach, CA.

At PRO Kayak Fishing our guided fishing trips are great for beginners and experienced anglers alike. The waters along the Central Coast offer a diverse fishery and our guides have been fishing these waters for years and can help get you on the fish.

Whether you have your own kayak and gear or need to use some of ours, our experienced guides are happy to hit the water with you. The fishing in our local waters, along San Luis Obispo County, is usually very good with assorted rockfish, lingcod, cabezon, and perch being the most common species. Depending on your kayaking experience, fishing experience, and water conditions we can tailor trips along our coastline for beginners or advanced anglers.

What's included:

- 4 hour fishing trip

- Dept. of Fish & Wildlife licensed fishing guide

- outfitted fishing kayak

- rod and reel

- PFD (life jacket)

- bait & tackle

- water and light snack

What's needed:

- a CA state fishing license

The raffle tickets are $10 ea and the winner will be drawn at the same time as the raffle for the kayak on April 29 @ 12p

General Talk / #StephKillsit Kayak Raffle
« on: April 11, 2017, 10:29:18 AM »
StephKillsit, a NorCal Kayak Angler and all around badass, has had the unthinkable happen. About 2 weeks ago out of the blue Stephanie Lopez aka StepKillsit started having seizures to the point she has had to be completely sedated to stop them. She has been moved to UCSF and is under the best care possible. But still the Dr's have not been able to diagnose and treat the cause of the seizures. When they try to reduce the medication Steph's seizures immediately return.

The NorCal Kayak Anglers community is known for taking care of its own. After reading in more detail about what Steph has been going through it tore me up inside. The owners of California Canoe & Kayak (Keith Miller & Tammy Borichevsky) contacted asking them to donate a kayak to be raffled off for Steph. I got a call back quicker than I was expecting and I could hear the concern for Steph in Keith's voice. He told me that as soon as he and Tammy read my email there was no hesitation in their decision. So I will be picking up a new 2013 Hobie Quest 13 from the Rancho Cordova shop next week.

We will be raffling off this 2013 Hobie Quest13, and the tickets will cost $20 each.

All $$ raised will go to Steph and her family to help them through this terrible time in their life, and if there is any left over it will stay in the Pay It Forward (PIF) fund for future NCKA members in need. If you want to know more about the PIF, there are more details here:

The drawing will take place on Saturday April 29, 2017 via live video on Facebook. The winner of the kayak will either need to pick up, coordinate pickup via "NCKA express", or pay for shipping.

Please, please, please if you have the ability to help buy a raffle ticket, make a donation, and share this as much as you can so we can make sure that during this time all Steph and her family's focus is on her health.  If nothing else please say a prayer or send healing thoughts to Steph.

Here is the link to buy raffle tickets or make a donation.


If you'd like to follow Stephs progress here is the link that is updated as more info is available.

THANK YOU for your donations, thoughts and prayers!!!

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