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My AOTY report May 2-9 beat by a girl.

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In an effort to get some more AOTY interest drummed you I am going to try to post some reports having to do with AOTY stuff.

Samantha has been on vacation all week, and into next week as well. I had to work, but made it a short week so that we could chase some AOTY fish.

Kokanee: neither of us had entered one yet this year. There were lots of reports from Bullards about plentiful Kokanee. I know the Bullards kokes are small, but you can keep more there and I love to eat Kokanee! So we made the trek to Bullards. I love Bullards, it’s a pretty lake with gorgeous blue water. 3 hr drive, but I actually like driving. Gives me time to think. We arrive and start to fish. She catches first, limits first, and gets the biggest one (11.25in-123.75 points). Point to Sam.

Smallmouth/spots: again neither had entered one yet so we hit a local lake to chase them. We had a great day of bass fishing and we were going back and forth catching. In the end I had a 16.75in 150.75 point fish to her 16.5in 148.5 point fish. Point to me.

Stripers: I’ve entered a few already this year and have gone on a few trips. Sam hadn’t gotten one yet. We decided to go throw swimbaits for stripers. She’s not a bit fan of swimbaiting for stripers, but wanted to catch one. I hook into a good one and after a great fight land a 30 inch 157.5 point fish. Sam says “hold my beer and watch this!!” And proceeds to have her ass kicked by a monster 35.25in 185.06 point striper. 1 hour after mine is released hers is on the grippers. Her second biggest fish ever, and the largest striper so far this year in AOTY.

So needless to say, Sam kicked my butt in our AOTY points chase this week!

Enjoy some pictures.

Next week: neither of us has caught a rainbow or brown trout so that’s an option. Maybe bigger bass. Also kicking the idea of a catfish trip around. Stay tuned!

Nice work to you both! So cool!

Would certainly be interested in tagging along for AOTY-related missions. I really want to go to lake Crowley in the Sierra (probably a weekender campout) and catch some of the monster trout hanging out up there!

WTG U 2 !

Awesome Stripers !

Nice!   :smt001

Fat striper! Congratulations to both of you.


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