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2016 AOTY Grandprize!!

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Just got confirmation from Kevin Nakada with Hobie that they will be donating a 2017 Revo13 as the Grandprize for 2016 AOTY!!!

 :smt007 :smt007

Hobie is a LONG time supporter of AOTY and it is a pleasure to work with Kevin and Hobie!

Kevin let me know that the 2017 Revo13 comes with the MirageDrive180.

HUGE thanks to Hobie and Kevin for their continued support of AOTY and NCKA!!!!!



Jim is the current leaderboard...hoping to see an exciting finish to this years comp!!

Thanks Jim, and Kevin!  Man the 2017 Revo could be a real game-changer with the new Mirage Drive 180!  I can think of tons of situations where the ability to quickly switch into reverse would come in handy.

Some solid scores so far in AOTY this year with several 200+ point fish showing up.  I'm expecting a bunch more coming in as the fall bite develops.  Keep fishing everyone!

I'm excited to see how guys use the reverse option as well!!




Thanks Kevin. Hobie stepping up like always.

Wow!!!  Thanks Hobie for their generosity  :smt007


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