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Messages - Ski Pro 3 -- Jerry

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Well, the shirts are beautiful, and I love mine! 

I might get creative with it and add not just the year, but the past years we couldn't hold the event with a slash through them using a paint pen.  Ha!   :smt004

Finally!  Got around to unpacking and checking out my cool shirts.  Did anyone notice the year is not indicated on them? 


Make reservation here Sonny. They will call back to confirm. They will assign the campsite. I have not tried but maybe you can request for a specific site. Itís good that they donít charge by person like how Jack used to do it. Iím paying $95 for 4 people from Thurs-Sun

Thanks for the info Allan.  Tried to call but no one answer so will try again later.  Checked out their website to find out about the camp sites so maybe our group can stay close.   I think it used to be first come first serve under old management.

When I made my reservation, I made a note as to my 3 preferences.  They called back to let me know I got my 1st choice.  It's not noted on the e-mailed reservation confirmation though. The e-mail does say to expect an e-mail containing self-check in details about a week before arrival.


Once you've chosen the dates, click on the "Check Detailed Availability" tab under the calendar.  A list of every site with either a green check mark, or a red X will let you know what is and isn't available. 

I noticed that the rates increased since I made my reservation back on March 1st.  RV site w/hook-ups was $45 a night, now it's $51.67 a night.  There's a $5 per night charge for a pet. 

Same weekend as Gimme Shelter XVIII it would seem. 

Facebook market place is also a haven for scammers.  I got caught buying a fish sonar last year.  Paid half when a tracking number was in the system, the other half when it arrived.  The tracking number was for an empty box.  Stupid ME!  However, I paid via Paypal and my credit card.  Credit card company put a reverse on the charge.  If paying up front, have a method that covers you if the product doesn't ship or a fake package is shipped. 

CA Regulations / Re: New App for CDFW
« on: April 04, 2024, 10:56:08 AM »
Got the app installed and log in created.  Works fine! 

I almost missed what date you settled on, then read the thread title.  Ha!

Any update on the final date yet?  Last I heard, May 11th but maybe May 4th.

CA Regulations / Re: Wild Turkey Taste and Texture
« on: March 22, 2024, 08:25:07 AM »
My experience is that they are extremely dry and tough birds.  Best used in a soup, I use them to make a turkey noodle soup with a clear broth.  The flavor is very much like pheasant.  I'd say it would be hard to tell the difference between a wild turkey and a pheasant.  I also have smoked both and they both taste the same that way too.  Anymore, I'll just smoke some and gift it to friends and neighbors.
One good thing about wild turkey is that they are very easy to draw and pluck.  Easiest bird I've ever had to clean.  No bad odors, but some might have a dandruff you'll need to scrub the skin to remove. 

General Talk / Re: Registering Kayak with DMV
« on: March 22, 2024, 08:18:27 AM »
I registered my kayak a long time ago with the DMV.  All they required was the serial number on the back.  I was doing it for the sail, but I also had a motor, so no difference.  They didn't ask me for an original sales receipt or how much I paid for it either.  Maybe rules have changed, or it was the DMV agent I got lucky with. Seems all they cared about was collecting my money.  The fee is a tax based on the personal property value and is through the county just like homeowners' property tax.  I included the title they gave me to Bulldog-Alex who now owns that kayak.  I dropped the registration with my county because I don't own it anymore, but they never asked who now does own it and I don't think they removed the title from their records, so either Alex updated the DMV or they think it's still in my name. 

You might want to get a group together and hire a guide to show you the ropes.  Eric comes to mind.  I've taken several of his clinics at Shelter Cove and, while not for newbies, he always covers safety as a tailboard before we launch just to refresh everyone on the general and the specific local safe practices. 

I recall I learned at Lake Natoma, down stream from Folsom Lake, with a group of NCKA folks.  I'm foggy on the details on how that came about though.  Back in the day, there used to be many clinics, both dry land and on the water, for learning how to fish from a kayak for various species.  They were held at kayak shops.  Lodi and Sacramento were two that I attended. 

My wife said The Inn is $264 a night now. The campground is $45 a night for hook-ups.  You can only list a preference for the site, but she did call me back immediately after I made my reservation on line and put us down for our site for the reservation. 

Houses are available and a good value compared to The Inn.  VRBO has many.

General Talk / Re: Water Spout at The Cove
« on: March 02, 2024, 11:55:20 PM »
That is so cool!  Unless you're out in it. 

I'm really looking forward as well, my friend!  I got to hook up with a few of the gang at Doran/Bodega for some crabbing and now this to look forward to as well.
My reservation is for the 11th, but I'm sure the young lady who I spoke with would be willing to change it.  I mentioned that there may be a group of kayakers attending and she was very excited.  She said it's new owners and I got the impression they have some deep pockets, owning a few campgrounds around the west.  This lady moved out from one that the new owners owned back in Texas and is now working here taking reservations. 
I asked if there were any changes from the old owners and she said they are planning to sink some money into the place, starting in a couple weeks to refurbish the bathroom/showers. 
I can't recall her name right now, but it was very Southern/Texan, with two names, like Mary Ann or something like that.  Ha! 

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