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Introductions / Re: New Member Here
« on: June 14, 2024, 06:14:40 AM »
welcome! sounds like a nice rig

So, the traffic was so BAD over the altamont, I opted for ARW even though I heard it was slow and OP was fire. Well, skunked bad. Maybe one hit, but came off quick. But hey, at least I finally got out on the water so it’s not all bad.

bummer, but it is nice just to just get out there sometimes!

Kayak Sailing / Re: Mr. X rides again!
« on: June 12, 2024, 07:40:11 AM »
wow, so impressive

General Talk / Re: Any fad diets for Hobies? Asking for a friend.
« on: June 10, 2024, 02:33:12 PM »
hilarious! thanks for that.

yah would be nice to get the weight out, but that costs $$$ - rotomold is just too easy and cheap.

General Talk / Re: does anyone dipnet for smelt?
« on: June 10, 2024, 10:28:54 AM »
as a kid our family would go to Lake Michigan and throw nets for smelt all night. I mainly remember the miserable cold, but the fish were tasty, and I think the parents enjoyed the anti-freeze they drank all night.  we'd be out there all night, till just before sunrise.

I saw a mention of Grunion above, after moving to SD, we'd go after the grunion - mainly with high school friends - but nets were not allowed, hand grab only, finding the beach with a run going on was the tough part.

Kayak Sailing / Re: Mr. X rides again!
« on: June 09, 2024, 10:19:00 AM »
awesome! that can be a challenging piece of water.


what a great story - thanks for sharing

sounds like an amazing experience!

Gearing Up and Rigging Up / Re: NRS Farmer John wetsuit closeout
« on: June 05, 2024, 07:49:54 AM »
these farmer johns dont last very long ive got 2 holes in the grundle area. i am waiting for them to split open so i can yak naked.

Loebs will be starting a Fans Only page... :)

Gearing Up and Rigging Up / Re: NRS Farmer John wetsuit closeout
« on: June 05, 2024, 05:38:17 AM »
price was too good to pass up - thanks for the heads up

oh wow, I feel for you!

Looks like you've been really getting some good use of the yaks on the lakes.

forgetting a paddle... you are not the first, you will not be the last.

I have a ritual I go through, list, etc.  but I always assume I forgot something, a battery (fish finder) a cable, the bait I wanted, etc.  I have forgotten a paddle once, fortunately, just going to the local lake.

On other occasions I've given bait to someone I met on the ramp who forgot theirs, loaned pfds, etc.  I bet if you started a paddle rental at Encinal Boat ramp...you'd be a millionaire!

I now have a 5 point checklist I do in my head before I leave the driveway - and I need to put eyes on each of these.
1. boat (don't laugh)
2. paddle
3. PFD
4. Seat
5. peddles

poles are easy, cuz, if I'm not bumping into them in the car...they aint there.

but if I have these 5, I know I'm at least getting on the water.

hope to see you out there sometime

General Fishing Tips / Re: non Kayak: Odell Lake fishing
« on: June 02, 2024, 06:54:47 AM »
I have fished with Bob before,  he is a class act. He fishes hard, and never quits.

good to hear that.  I would have to agree.  I'd definitely look him up again.

Thank you Keith and all the volunteers who help to put this even on every year.  Great to meet up with new and old friends in the parking lot and on the water.  I did not get a single bite this year, typically I at least get some rays and or shakers - but a super fun time nonetheless.   kinda bummed the event was called early - but totally understandable and I greatly respect the concern for safety of the 80+ souls on the water.

Those hot links were amazing, loved the DJ's jam, and thanks Pat for the parking lot sushi off the belly of your yak.

Thanks TLA, looking forward to next year!

General Fishing Tips / non Kayak: Odell Lake fishing
« on: May 30, 2024, 04:34:32 PM »
Tldr; pretty lake, caught a mac and 7 kokes

Our friends have a piece of property in Fort Klamath Oregon, sits right on a nice spring fed creek.  Two sheds on the property that serve as cabins, off grid, poor cell phone service…very peaceful.  We love going there.  Typically we will fly fish some of the local streams and rivers, but on this trip, his wife had arranged a guide trip on Odell Lake.  The reservation was for the morning trip (typically the calm part of the day), we woke at 2, on the road at 3, at the lake about 4:45am for the 5am launch.  We meet the guide, Bob, in the resort.  When we left Fort Klamath…it was calm, cold, etc.  As we started to climb a little higher, we got some wind, some rain, some snow.  When we looked at the lake, there were white caps everywhere.  The guide point blank told us, he wouldn't suggest going out in this weather…he'd take us…but wouldn't suggest it.  He offered us a Monday morning trip in place.

Monday was a completely different day, he had the full day, so we woke and arrived later - for a 7am launch.  Blue sky, no breeze, lovely morning.  We being going after the kokes.  He's got all the gear setup on the boat, and his Shoepoeg Corn with bloody tuna sauce - we're ready.  We get the lines in the water, two on each side, and my deeper line hits in about 15 minutes, nice 12" koke - pretty thick, pretty fish.  Then boom, again, and again…by now, the birthday boy is looking pretty depressed, so, when my side gets hit the 4th time, I say 'Dean, you get it'…'NO' he replies… I sense a proper funk is brewing.  I land #4 and #5…then would be #6 tangles my lines.  So the guide takes my setup, and moves it to Deans side - now he's got all my gear, and I have new gear.  Then both our lines hit, and we end up with 10 kokanee ( the limit is 25…more on that later, and one lake trout).  The guide asks us if we'd like to start fishing four Lake Trout, as the conditions are about right - and we agree.  Just as we're about the change out the gear, Dean's rod hits…and it's a big fish, the guide yells 'Laker' and we hall up all the gear and downriggers to avoid a tangle.  Dean fights the fish for about 15 minutes and gets it up to and in the boat, wow, a monster lake trout, 9# - nice looking fish.  He bleeds it in the live well.  We properly store the koke gear, and get setup with the Mackinaw gear, one rod on each side of the boat, down to about 160', 5 minutes later 'bam' we get a nice take down.  I start reeling it in, feels smaller to me - htough I later remembered that Dean was fishing lighter weight Koke gear for his fish, and I was using heavier duty Mac gear. After about 15' I get color - oh my, another good sized fish, this fish weighed in at 13#...and that's a limit folks.  Wait, what? Only one Mack?  We go for a quick tour of the lake, the guide chats up a few buddies - sure enough, today was a tough day for fishing both the kokes and the Macks, we didn't see many nets going.

After the guide cleaned the fish, I put some salt and brown sugar on some of the filets so we could smoke them when we got back to the cabins.  I texted Elena when to start the fire in the smoker at 2:50p so it would be ready when we got back.  The filets from the 9# fish were much nicer in color - more of that salmon look, and the guide recommended we save those for cooking in the pan vs. the smoker.  We had some of the smoke kokanee that night and also some of the smoke Mack, very nice.

Our guide was Bob.

So, with a limit of 25 kokes each, turns out that camping on this lake for a week, and bringing your pressure canner is a really big thing…that's what most of the boats are doing.  The catch Kokanee all day, then can them at night, and repeat.

I'm really curious to try canned Kokanee?  The flesh is so soft, I'd think maybe it would not can well…but so many people were doing it, it must be good.  I think I'll can a sample after my next koke run - just to see what its' like.

Wanted To Buy / Re: Kayak Hoist
« on: May 30, 2024, 04:23:38 PM »
after dealing with various home built and built for sale hoists - my favorite is my electric hoist I got from amazon (though similar from Harbor Freight).  If I didn't use that, i'd use the game hoists, one for front and one for back.

then I always put 2 safety ropes under the hull - just to catch the weight if something fails.

thanks for all the good info, I've been debating a self build or pre-built for a while - with current prices, I'm leaning more toward self build.  my goals
1. recharge equipment
2. run a portable cooler/fridge (considering the unit at costco) on 12V
3. run the mr. coffee

so I'm considering a 100AH LifePo4, 700-1000W pure sine inverter, and some usb ports

the idea of not needing ice is very attractive!

for my last trip, we had one cooler for us (one 22# costco bag of ice and food), and one bigger cooler with 2 more bags of costco ice and an ice block.  True that the costco bags are only $3/each...but it's still a pain and takes a lot of space to keep the extra ice.

my only issues with the Igloo unit at costco is price and it has two chambers - so it would not be able to hold a large whole fish.

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