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I know most of us are at Shelter Cove or Bullards Bar living the good life but conditions are looking pretty sweet tomorrow South of the City.

I'll be heading down that way in the earlyish  morning for crabbing and fishing anyone else left in town heading out?

Probably launch ether Rockaway or the old pier.

Got to the lot by 9:30, place is filling up and I'm thinking gee has the bite been on and I've just been out of the loop?!? Launched in a quick methodical fashion and soon had multiple perfect sized jack smelt along with a few oversized drag pullers! Very Large Fleet was south so trolled my way down to OAP, weather is soo nice with a light
wind from the south.  :fish :yak  :sunny:

Got to the PB fleet ....solo kayaker :yak.... they move further south and I hear the half day party boats heading off with a "at least we got one" for the boat. Waters pretty murkey nothing wants my live bait or trolled herring it's back to the wall into the current ... again drift the wall and the gap and break out the swimbait.....No.  :smt009

Fish survey lady at the landing at 3 says only one legal brought in at 25".

Fish ID sub-forum / Anchovy or small sardine?
« on: April 01, 2018, 07:37:12 PM »
Got these out if the Oakland estuary with the cast net, thought they were anchovies but looks kinda sardine like right?

General Talk / Aquatic Park Berkeley (recon)
« on: December 15, 2017, 08:30:15 PM »
Wanted to give my newly installed fish finder a test run this evening but was taking care of my 7 year old daughter and only had an hour of light left.

Always wondered about this spot, seen bait here before and apparently it is connected to the bay.....so we gave it a shot.

Fish finder worked fine, got my second paddle on the new ride and confirmed there is bait. Really doubt there are any game fish, deepest spot was only 7'.

Was an interesting feeling to be so isolated while surrounded by thousands of people struggling through the Friday commute home.

Hookups and Fishing Reports (Viewable by Public) / 10/7/17 ARW Finally
« on: October 07, 2017, 09:56:43 PM »
Can never seem to get a break at this place but finally pulled it off.


Fat clumps of bait, birds and whale's near shore. Had considered bringing the cast net, probably could have stocked up on anchovies but would have needed the wet suit and booties as well.

Waters hella cold!

General Fishing Tips / Lawrance Elite/Hook 4 compatibile?
« on: May 27, 2017, 07:34:00 PM »
Hey guys/gals,

Wanted to get an extra transducer and power cable so I could use my fish finder on my back up kayak as well as my primary one.

Went to West Marine and naturally walked out with a entire new set up. I suspect these two have limited compatibility and that I should probably mount the newer one on my primary yak. So my questions are:

Can I use the newer head unit with the older transducer?

Can I use the extra Navionics gold chip I got with Elite 4 HDI on the Hook 4 instead of the Nautic Insight Pro chip? And if so is it any better?

Almost exclusively fish the Ocean or Bay but was second guessing my choice. Was thinking that if the old card would work on the new unit perhaps I should have gotten the Hook 4 with the lake maps instead?

Appreciate any advice.

Hookups and Fishing Reports (Viewable by Public) / 3/15 ARWNADA
« on: March 16, 2017, 08:41:59 PM »
launched ~2:30 was a day of changing conditions. Kayakers at the ramp coming in warned of wind and I considered packing back up but decided to   give it a shot.

Drifted da sex herring across the flag pole hole several times.The wind and the tide were cancelling each other out so trolled a herring behind a dodger out to the outer wall, marked a lot a bait (presumably jack smelt) but no hits. Wind and white caps came up and rode them back several of the wind waves were quite sporty! It was exciting but packed up and headed out at 5:30 fishless again at ARW....

Ran over to Lake Del Valle for the first time with my daughter, rented a little boat and putted about. Nice lake, blue herons, and bankies pulling in limits of fat dumb trout.

Apparently there's stripers, cats and bass in there too, looked like a nice spot for a hookup. Will bring the yak and give a shout out next time I head that way.

Went over to Berkeley marina, launched from the Cal Sailing side at 11 back by 3. Paddled out in perfect conditions and was able to make it to the end of the pier ruins, saw a ton of little white birds diving at bait but was unable to sabiki anything up. So I fished with brined herring until a PB guy came by and gave me some live anchovies [emoji106].

The fan turned on and I drifted the chovies and rode some sheep back on one long drift on the channel side. No bites [emoji53]  but I got to see the underside of the pier, the concrete has fall off the bottom and there is rusted rebar hanging down, looked pretty messed up wonder what it would cost to repair?

First attempt at Berkeley butt haven't been able to catch a hali on the East bay side of the bay yet, but it was nice to get out on the water and out of the heat!

Went to Berkeley on Saturday for a little plugging from the pier saw a couple dudes catch halibut on a float rig and figured what the heck give my new Tarpon 160 its third trip locally.

Headed to Emeryville about noon on Sunday  :iroc:. Picked up a nice tray o-chovies and paddled out in some white caps for a wet ride :surf . Headed out to the last set of channel markers and drifted back in with a live bait rig bouncing the bottom. By the time I got back to the launch it had gotten pretty ugly so drifted around in front of Chevys in some brownish water  :poti until it calmed down about an hour later.

Headed back out again  :yak switched out the weight on the rig for a Hair raiser and then a Big Hammer with a 3 ounce head but it was not happening :thumbdown , after four hours went home with the full tray of bait in perfect shape for next time :smt102.

One really nice thing about this location is they have a kayak shower so you can clean up before you put your junk on your ride :smt023.

It was a good workout and enjoyed TOTW.



Otter and I ran out to Tamales yesterday to do some fish'n.

Slept about two hours with visions of WSB and Halibut on the brain. Super foggy but burned off by 12. Bait up the wazoo and no large fish in sight (probably all full). Ran into Holy Toledo on the water, nice to meet you Holy.

Here are a few photos for your enjoyment   :smt001.


Hookups and Fishing Reports (Viewable by Public) / July/August report
« on: August 20, 2009, 07:21:26 PM »
Lets see ..

Otter and I went out for some Marin and Mantara fishing. Still no photos from the southern trip but here are a few from Marin, the first of two weekend trips. We paddled out just after a pretty tall set of waves and saw right off the bat a lot of bait activity quickly jigged up some mackerel and sardines as the seals and birds made a lot of commotion on the surface. Dragged the sand for awhile with one #40 leader cut off cleanly with no load on the line and later a heavily shredded sardine ... sharks?

Moved to the rocks and caught and re lased a couple of gophers but pretty slow for and hour and them Otter drags up a big 38" Ling 20 feet from shore and has to paddle out of the shore break before he can get the fish to the boat. After a short debate we decide to keep since it was all we had come up with other than bait fish so far. He bleeds it and heads back to put it on ice, an hour later I get a pretty decent 19" gassy but as it turns out the fish fit in the Lings mouth.

A week later we headed out near Montara for batches of underlings, a greenling and eventually four nice keeper Cabs (No photos yet from Otter) one foul hooked and released. that was a nice new area that I hadn't paddled around before. Also kept getting visits from porpoises some went right under the yak.

So anyways here's the shots of the bait, launch and Ling.

Cheers Tsuri-

Cruzed up to the mountains at the end of last month for some trouting and dadin' for three days.

First day we went to Bliss on the the east side of Lake Tahoe, what a spot. No yak because it was a day with the family. Man the trail heading twards Emerald Bay is something to see it travels along the cliffs sometimes with chain handrails to keep you from slippin off. There is some parking at the beach (at least there was on a Friday) and next time I will defenity bring the boats because the water is abot 30' from the parking lot.

Was a beautiful day and I tried out a new minnow trap with cat food for crawdads. My wife used the traditional bacon on string. Apparenty the traps should be soaked overnight because I got about five and bacon on a string got the remaining 25 or so. Also the catfood seemed to stink up the dads'.

Next day we headed over to Caples Lake and I finally cought my first trout from the yak. I don't know why but I seem to have more luck from shore (perhaps the giant yellow plastic boat scares the fish?). trolled around for several hours and it wasn't untill I was heading back to the car that I finally got one. Everyone says near the dam is the spot but when I have tryed there before I got nothing, this time we were on the other end.

Sunday came and we headed over to Echo Lake got the boat inspected for snails/alge at the launch and headed out. ended up with two more Brook trout  by the end of the day. All fish were cought trolling a Cast Master way back.

All in all not nearly as productive as the ocean but the color of the water and the quick swims were very nice, not sure what I can do to catch more fish but some thoughts are:

1) Start earlyer in the morning (perhaps dawn?).

2) Try a side trolling device that runs the lure away from the boat.

3) Try some other luers? Yarn? Feathers?

If anyone has any additional advice please let me know, defenity dont have this one figured out yet.



Hookups and Fishing Reports (Viewable by Public) / Just signed up
« on: May 25, 2009, 01:02:52 PM »

Just signed up for this forum after Kayak fishing over the last year, one of my fishing friends introduced it to me a bit ago. I enjoyed the photos and stories and thought I could add a few.

Mostly fishing for rock fish last year and recently trying for Halibut, we fish HMB, LMB, MB, ARW, Emeryville flats and Paradise with a bunch of other places on the list to try. Really love the Ocean and the excitement of the surf launching and landing (up to a point).

Anyways never really posted anything before so lets see how it works out, attached (hopefully) are a few pictures from last year and the start of this year. 

Whats the button with "insert image" can't seem to make it do what I want. I bet there is an explanation somewhere on how to do this.

Well here goes test one let's see what happens.


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