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thanks for all the good info, I've been debating a self build or pre-built for a while - with current prices, I'm leaning more toward self build.  my goals
1. recharge equipment
2. run a portable cooler/fridge (considering the unit at costco) on 12V
3. run the mr. coffee

so I'm considering a 100AH LifePo4, 700-1000W pure sine inverter, and some usb ports

the idea of not needing ice is very attractive!

for my last trip, we had one cooler for us (one 22# costco bag of ice and food), and one bigger cooler with 2 more bags of costco ice and an ice block.  True that the costco bags are only $3/each...but it's still a pain and takes a lot of space to keep the extra ice.

my only issues with the Igloo unit at costco is price and it has two chambers - so it would not be able to hold a large whole fish.

Introductions / Re: Hello
« on: May 22, 2024, 09:18:53 AM »
Welcome to NCKA!

General Talk / Re: Sunday funday
« on: May 20, 2024, 07:47:22 AM »
awesome build! very cool

wow! thanks for the report!  look like some nice slabs

get 'em Paul
wish I could join you - maybe this weekend, or maybe the fort

... my materials from Fishermans Warehouse here in Sac.  If you have a decent Fly Tackle shop near you, they should have what you need. There are a ton of tackle shops on line to use. I just prefer to support the local guys when I can.

+1 on FW in Sacto, lots of good stuff, reasonable prices, and some very knowledgeable staff as well.

only downside...I always leave with more than I needed when I walk in.

Thanks Everyone for making it out to the Bullards Bar FnC.  Another great weekend in the books, weather was perfect, not too hot, not too cold, the fish were willing, the company and food were AWESOME!

PlugNJug/Kevin - big thanks to you for organizing the friendly comp, and getting so many nice prizes and the 1st place trophy - very very cool - Thanks!  Also a huge thank you to you for bringing and sharing your amazing Tri Tip on Friday night.  That seasoning, cooked to perfection over the open wood flame is amazing!

Elena and I pulled in Thursday around noon - We were second to Troy, who'd waited out the windy Thursday for an opportunity to fish.  The wind was blowing when we got there, so we setup camp, and I skipped the Thursday evening patrol. Friday showed up gorgeous, some light wind to keep a ruffle on the water.  I caught enough kokes for a shore lunch with my bride, along with a delicious salad she put together.  Friday night we had a nice fire to keep the skeeters away, Kevin prepared and shared his amazing Tri Tip, and Adrian made a niche Ceasar Salad to go with it.

Saturday was time for the big challenge - lines in at 7am, lines out at 1pm.  the wind layed down all day - water was glass, the warm valley temps and weekend did bring up more of the PB traffic - but not too bad.  I fished two rods all day, one on the DR and one with a sliding weight.  I went to my lucky spot...struggled an hour for one fish...thne bolted ( I really need more discipline) headed up river, the wind was flat - so this was my opportunity to explore.  I caught a (barely) 13" trout up the creek, and started working my way back, caught two more on the troll back - very soft hits - didn't know they were there, I'd thought my line had fouled, and boom, more bait in the boat.  Ended the day with 3 Kokes (11" biggest), and one trout.  fun day on the water and great folks to share the water with.  Headed in for a late lunch, Elena had another great salad for us - yum.

Saturday afternoon started preparing for the potluck and awards.  Elena and I decided to just grill up a bunch of veggies, part of our diet, and also looking at the offerings - looked like green matter was in short supply - so grilled up some asparagus, various eggplant, various zukes, chiles, and for desert we sliced and grilled a pineapple with cinnamon.

There were so many yummy things to eat, plenty of good salad, lumpia, shredded chicken tacos, caprese salad, the biggest spread of queso I've ever seen (with yummy bread rounds), delicious sausage, ... I know I'm leaving stuff out, there was just so much.

Some pics below, though I really didn't touch my phone much - thanks again everyone - really a good time, this had become our summer kick off.

She has both of those things! if it isn't too much trouble, she would love the opportunity to try one. I have a tandem that we both use also, but certainly nicer in your own yak!

My mom is coming up with me! She recently moved to the area and is very interested in getting a fishing kayak of her own. I told her you guys are a great group to ask all the questions she has!

does she have  a license and pole? I could bring an extra Yak if you want

honestly, Tandem may be better - then she can just focus on the fishing while you focus on the rest!

My mom is coming up with me! She recently moved to the area and is very interested in getting a fishing kayak of her own. I told her you guys are a great group to ask all the questions she has!

does she have  a license and pole? I could bring an extra Yak if you want

I have to bail on the weekend, some family stuff came up. Have fun out there everyone!

bummer, do what ya gotta do, we'll catch ya next time!

anyone coming in on Thur and want to hook up for a fish?

I hope to be there somewhere around 7 am.


I'm coming up Thursday, but likely afternoon - if wind not too bad, hoping for a short afternoon troll - maybe just in the cove if it's too bad - a couple circuits of the raceway.

You guys have fun. I want to join but I'm busy with Mother's Day weekend. Go slay some MONSTER kokes!

shhh don't tell anyone about the monsters, everyone knows there are just minnows up there.

from the responses we've seen so far, Elena and I plan to make a bunch of grilled veggies, all the veggies, covered in Olive Oil/Salt/Pepper, then on the grill - super yummy, healthy.

and weather update, as I said, highs keep bouncing between 70's and 80's, looks like we've moved form BeeGees to INXS - similar weather to last year

5/8 update
Thursday: Sunny, with a high near 79. East northeast wind 10 to 14 mph, with gusts as high as 21 mph.
Thursday Night: Clear, with a low around 54. North northeast wind 6 to 8 mph.
Friday: Sunny, with a high near 83. Northeast wind 6 to 8 mph becoming west northwest in the afternoon.
Friday Night: Clear, with a low around 54.
Saturday: Sunny, with a high near 83.
Saturday Night: Clear, with a low around 55.
Sunday: Sunny, with a high near 82.

None of the boxes had keys with them last year. I brought some last year and will bring at least two full tubs with me Friday morning. I don't have any kindling though.

ok, I'll bring some a little shy on the seasoning side, but if the fire is hot, it will burn.  I'll also bring the Solo stove a two bags of pellets

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