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Topic: Eddyline Caribbean Owners  (Read 7447 times)

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That will be a nice boat. I have a 14 foot in lime green. The previous owner had arms on it I believe but he put them farther back about halfway back on the tank well with a pair of Scotty mounts back there. On the 14 there is a wide flat spot on each side perfect for this. That way you can still use the rod holders for rods. Mine has the flush mount holders swapped out for flust mount Scotty pockets and rocket tube style holders which is nice because you can change the angle they sit at. They are tall however and I worry about the leverage created on the thin plastic. Even though in the tank well of the 14 there is a molded footprint for a crate or bucket, due to the slope at the front of the tank it sits pretty far back and takes up most of the tank well. Even a Plano box with rod holders takes up quite a bit. I hope they would square up the front side of the tank well. I am probably going to go no crate/no box in the back from now on and put my small box in the front hatch, extra rod in there too. Net in a holder and an open tank well for fish stringer.

You definitely want the reinforcement anywhere you put a mount. I never had the stabilizer arms but I can see where they caused some damage that was repaired. Any type of mount I try to keep short and have a wide footprint. My ff mounted on the built in side track seems weak when mounted on a holder of this type of Scotty mount that is only touching the track. I swapped it out to the ram ball with a wider base which I can still bolt to the track but it also makes good flat contact on the flat plastic sides. It seems to really firm up the mount

What kind of seat does a new carribbean come with now? Is it like the c-125 seat?


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I got the 14 and picked up the 12 for Dan/damdan.
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Yup, got the 12 in yellow.


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My list is as follows a blue C12 ,a camo C14, and a silver and   green C135 yakatack version . and I love them all wouldn't trade them for anything ,great boat's
eddyline calypso 12                                                        eddyline carribean 14                                                         eddyline c-135


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What kind of seat does a new carribbean come with now? Is it like the c-125 seat?
The c-135 is an outstanding fishing Kayak.  If I had the room for it I would have bought it.
The c-12 seat is not a "lawn chair" but is an improvement over the earlier caribbeans.  I found it very
comfortable during demo.
As for the stabilizer supports, this came from the eddyline people.  I hadn't even thought of it.
I spoke with Tom(?) and he was very happy with my request.  He explained that they enjoy doing custom
work for customers and would rather do modifications at the factory than have customers do if after market.
when the work is done at the factory it is fully warranted and the company gains experience.
Nicest people.  I'm eager to get it wet.


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Blue 14 :smt006