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General Fishing Tips / Preparing Crab bait
« on: November 10, 2022, 08:15:48 AM »
Hey all, hoping to learn a little from y'all on how you prep your crab baits.

my routine.  I pull all my frozen baits from the freezer the morning I head out, then cram them into my bait cans.

what I use:
1. fish carcasses and heads I've saved
2. fish baits that have taken too many trips with me (chovies, squids, etc)
3. can of 'bad' cat food if I have one
4. chicken leg zip tied to the bottom of the hoop.

I was wondering if maybe I should let the baits thaw and 'stew' for a while before sending them under, to let the aroma build up more.  Maybe pre-pack the cans a day early, and let them sit without ice or refrigeration?

General Fishing Tips / fishy NorCal piers
« on: November 01, 2022, 11:22:45 AM »
I'm looking for a good pier to take my Dad fishing.  why a pier? free helps, and also very stable, I think he'd have a hard time on a boat - unless it was perfect glass, and jetty would be a non starter.

I took him bank fishing on the Sac a few weeks ago, and he really enjoyed that.  Got a tug on his line, and a bunch of follows.

any pier that might produce some fish would be fun, even catching bait fish supplies a tug on the line, bonus points if we could drop a hoop for some crabs.

I would appreciate any recommendations, and what are the target

Thanks in advance,

General Fishing Tips / Not Kayak Related: Ft Klamath Red Band
« on: October 24, 2022, 07:09:44 AM »
Visited some friends on their property near Ft Klamath Oregon this past weekend.  The area is primarily ranches, and our friend has access to many of the ranches to fish.  The area is known for the population of Red Band Trout.  We fished the same area in June '21 (I think I wrote a report)  didn't land any on that attempt.  Went back to the best of the holes, and fished it only once.  I brought a fly rod, large spinning rod, and a ultralight spinning rod.

I floated a fly up and down and sideways with no response from the fish.  after a while, gave up on that.

switched to my regular spinning rod, with a couple different baits - no response.

switched to my ultralight (backpacking rod) with 6# mono (same line that came with the rod 15 years ago).  Tied on a silvery glittery squid on a 1/8oz head, toss it a few times - boom, get hit, get tugged, pop off it goes.  I toss it a few more times - no takers.

I switched to a road runner slab runner, silver with a spinning blade.  Toss twice more BOOM, set the hook, and work to bring in this fish that is beyond the drag capability of my small spinning rod.   I tried tightening down more - but no avail, all I could do was keep grinding it in while it was pulling it out.  I worked him up river a bit to a flatter spot in the bank, git him in shallow, then he wallowed in the shallow water for a while, and got him up to the bank where I could get under his gill plate and lift him.  Red Band trout, measured out to 24", and guessing about 5#.  The creek we were fishing is CnR for trout - so after admiring the beauty ...back to the stream it went.  I resuscitated it for a while, then splash off he went back to his hole.  Easily my PB trout.  I will be back, and will try to find some in a Catch and Eat stream or lake.

These fish love to hang under the banks.  The banks over hang the creeks/rivers a few feat as the beaver or otters burrow and their burrows collapse.   I'll be tying up some new flies for next time.

Gearing Up and Rigging Up / Garmin Striker 4 White Screen Of Death
« on: October 14, 2022, 03:35:55 PM »
My 1+ year old Garmin Striker 4 started having issues today.

I turned on the unit - it turned on normally, but the screen looked a little off, colors not right, a little jittery.  I tried re-powering a couple times...and now the screen just comes on 'white'

I've tried hitting the power button a few times (controls screen brightness) hoping maybe it was just too bright, but, no help, just varies how bright the white screen is.

anyone else have this issue?

just to remove variables, I tried a separate battery and power cable - same result, tried that battery and power cable on another unit - worked fine.


General Talk / Sacramento River RV park
« on: September 19, 2022, 08:56:45 AM »
stumbled on a nice RV park on the Sacto River, Sherwood Harbor Marina & RV.  It's about 2miles south of Sacramento, on the West side of the river across from Sacramentos pocket area.  I did not bring my kayak, but this would be a great camping spot to spend a few days fishing the sac.


longer story:
Early storm blew out the MBK Fishing derby, plan was to haul the trailer and kayak down, camp at the raceway (another nice campground), and my Dad was going to join me.  Derby was postponed on the day we'd planned to drive down, so that left us scratching our heads...trailer was already packed, fridge loaded, beer on ice...that aint gonna last a week.  Dad still wanted to go camping.  So we decided to head out Friday afternoon instead of Thursday.  Had considered doing a Harvest Host, but the Mosquito fire was blowing smoke all over the area, so then stumbled on Sherwood Harbor - seemed to have good reviews, very close, on the water, away from the fire...why not.  I had already unloaded my kayak, and decided not to re-load it.  We arrived at Sherwood  3pm on Friday, were checked in, and shown a selection of sites we could choose, found a nice spot that backed right up to the marina.  Dad wanted to give fishing a try, so we bought him a day license for Saturday.

Friday weather was gorgeous, light breeze, perfect temperature, the water screaming for my kayak...sigh...though it was good to spend time with Dad.  Dad made his signature martinis and I made my mustard chicken for dinner.

Saturday came in with a morning breeze, and the breeze just built and build all day and night.  We spent the morning shore fishing, caught some sea weed, but nothing else.  At one point, Dad's feet got stuck in the silty sand, and he fell backward, no harm done.  We fished a bit more before finally calling it at lunch time - no nibbles, Dad had one follow.  Maybe the incoming front kept the fish down.  Too bad, was hoping Dad might hook into one.

Later that day we got out, walked the docks, looked at all the boats, where they were from (Sacramento, Ketchikan Alaska, San Jose??? San Jose has no harbor I know of...)  A few very nice boats, one really nice Sail boat that would be fun to sail around the world, huge house boats, ski boats, and derilicts...so many docks have derelicts, I'm guessing as a marina owner, it is probably near impossible to get rid of them.

For dinner we had some lamb shoulder chops (lamb should, cut about 1" thick into rounds, with a bone in the middle).  Dad had a recipe, we had none of the ingredients, so I had to improvise, trying to match acids etc.  (Yellow Mustard, Brine from cocktail onions, a little salsa, lawry's salt, dash of oil) we let it marinate in the fridge all day, then cooked it on the BBQ grill, while enjoying Dad's martini's.  fwiw, Kirkland aromatic London Gin is not good for martini's...spend a few extra bucks, get the Beefeaters.

The wind blew all night, until about 2am, then it just stopped, and Sunday morning was glass.

Current did not seem very strong.  In this spot, the river is divided in two, there is the river, and the Deepwater shipping channel to the west.

this spot might be fun for a fish and chill, I'd be down for it.

General Fishing Tips / GoTo Boat food/snacks
« on: September 08, 2022, 04:59:55 PM »
So, what do you all bring for boat lunch?

I've brought everything from leftovers (chicken thighs are nice, and have handles), sandwiches, Vienna sausages.  Last weekend fishing with JewLion, he brought a burrito....a San Diego Burrito....and I thought, dang, that might be the perfect food.

What do you all bring?

Thinking I might hit up Adalberto's on Friday for a Saturday morning burrito.

General Fishing Tips / Spiny Lobster report cards available
« on: August 31, 2022, 06:39:54 AM »
they can take 2 weeks to deliver, so a good time to order them:

Recreational Spiny Lobster Report Card on Sale
California's 2022-2023 recreational spiny lobster season is set to kick off Saturday, Oct. 1, 2022, at 6 a.m., continuing through March 22, 2023.

A lobster report card is required for all persons fishing for lobster, and individuals 16 years or older must have a valid sport fishing license and ocean enhancement stamp. Hoop netters and divers must fill out the date, location and gear type just prior to fishing. When finished fishing, or when changing locations or gear type, you must immediately record the number of lobsters kept from that location and with that gear type.

Lobster report cards can be purchased online. Report cards cannot be printed at home, so the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) recommends allowing 15 days for the report card to arrive in the mail. Alternatively, lobster report cards can be purchased at participating sporting goods stores and other approved license sales agents.
If a fishery participants 2021-22 lobster report card data was not submitted, submitted after April 30, 2022, or was not received by CDFW, a $21.60 non-reporting fee will be assessed when purchasing a 2022-23 lobster report card. The non-reporting fee shall not be waived or refunded. Every lobster report cardholder is responsible for reporting every lobster report card they purchase by April 30 each season even if it becomes lost or stolen. In lieu of paying the non-reporting fee, 2021-22 lobster report cardholders have the option of sitting out the 2022-23 lobster season to avoid paying the nonrefundable fee.

General Talk / Garmin Striker 4 power corrosion - Solved!
« on: May 29, 2022, 10:17:41 AM »
Hi All,

I've had the Garmin Striker 4 for over a year now, enjoy the functionality, ease of use and price point.

my issue is corrosion on the power connectors.  I'm on my second power connector.  The first I fried as a dumb newb.  I did not protect it with dielectric grease, and after a few salty outings began to have issues and finally failed.

I replaced the power cable, applied dielectric grease - and things were good.  But even with frequent cleaning and re-application of the grease, my second power cable has now corroded beyond use.  Not sure what I can do to protect another cable.  The FF frequently gets splashed with salt water while I'm out, the power connection on the back is a simple plug in - not the screw down and seal type that I *believe* some of the FF units use.

I'd appreciate to hear how other Garmin Strike 4 users have kept their units running in salt water.

from my perspective, the power connection on S4 is a bit weak to begin with, considering the unit draws 1A of power, I would have gone with something beefier - but I guess this is part of how they keep the cost down, 22G wire and tiny connectors seem under design, I'm an electrical engineer, and I would have gone with something beefier even for a dry application.

I've considered opening the box and going with something much more HD, possibly an Anderson powerpole connector with a waterproof cover


General Talk / Sacto Sportsmen expo Friday
« on: January 20, 2022, 08:54:11 AM »
Heading to the Sacramento Sportsmen's Expo Friday around lunch

Hoping to find some deals, some giveaways, and get suckered into some stuff as I always to at fairs

anyone else going?

planning to pickup some $3 discount coupons at Big O Tires or O'Reillys later today

see ya,


General Talk / Herring Spawn from Sacto
« on: January 18, 2022, 08:40:14 AM »
seems like the herring spawn is mainly a word of mouth thing, when it explodes you get out there as fast as you can and capitalize!
Which sounds fun, but what's a good strategy for those of us in the Sacto region? I'm east of Sacto, so about2-3 hours from most Bay locations.  If I 'wait for the word" seems like I'd miss it arriving too late.

I know there are a couple other folks from Sacto who go after them - care to share your strategies? what has worked, what doesn't?

maybe my best strategy is to head out hoping to catch the spawn, and if not, maybe go surf fishing instead.

thanks in advance,

AOTY / My highest rank of the year!
« on: January 14, 2022, 12:09:58 PM »
woot woot, guess I was #4 previously....all downhill from here

Quick Ranking
[1] snazzyshun 186.0 pts
Panfish thumb
[2] tommcdo 144.0 pts
Largemouth bass thumb
[3] Abking
[4] adamhelm67
[5] alshobieoutback
[6] bbt95762
[7] BigJim

Location switch, hitting Doran Saturday AM 630-700 in the parking lot - targeting crab (if they are willing) and possibly some RF/Ling

Looking to get some more crab this weekend, Saturday morning - looking to Tomales Bay.  This will be my first time in Tomales, have wanted to try it for a while, and looks like the weather suggests it might be the right time.  This is a king tide weekend, but looks like the time between 6 and ~11AM should be good, so probably try to get off the water by noon

other option would be Doran, though the weather and waves up there might be a little rough.

Appreciate any insights for crabbing in Tomales, as well as fishing.

Will target sunrise launch, plan to be off water by noon.

Date       Day   Time      Pred   High/Low
2021/12/03   Fri   05:43 PM   -1.27   L
2021/12/04   Sat   12:13 AM   4.71   H
2021/12/04   Sat   05:21 AM   2.37   L
2021/12/04   Sat   10:59 AM   6.70   H
2021/12/04   Sat   06:31 PM   -1.55   L

blue camo hobie/white whale truck

General Fishing Tips / Gettin ahead of myself: Crab - how do you preserve
« on: October 27, 2021, 09:43:15 PM »
Heading up to Albion for the opener, 5 hoops 2-3 traps, new crab trap 'card' buoy requirements etc.
Arriving Friday night, departing Monday morning.

OF COURSE I PLAN to limit on Crabs Sat and Sun (yah, I know repeat offender on expectation vs reality - but let me live my dream until it happens...again)

I'll have a pop up camper, fridge (which will likely be a freezer in that weather - ambient minus 40*F) cooking and cleaning capability, and a vacuum sealer.

this will be my first time catching crab, and hopefully my first time saving crab.  My wife will want me to bring back some *fresh* crab for dinner Monday...but...what do I do with the rest? assuming I'm successful?

Whats the best way to save the catch?

I'll want to drop some with my parents when I return, and enjoy some with my wife, so, those would presumably be live - maybe some for the neighbors as well.

thanks in advance all,

Hobie Kayaks / 6 month review : Hobie PA14 360
« on: October 13, 2021, 08:48:26 AM »
Starting this thread to get a dialogue going between PA owners, recommended changes etc. Would really like to keep this conversation limited to PA owners.

So I'm a little over 6 months into my PA.  This is my 4th Kayak and I've also had/have a number of canoes, I've used them all in both fresh and saltwater.

I'm still happy with the Kayak, and would do it again. However in this thread, I'll only focus on the things I'd like to change, to improve the boat.

I've been on freshwater about 15 times (or more)
I've been on Saltwater also about 15 or more times.  Launches were protected (i.e. HMB, SC) and beach launches (Timber Cove, Monterey Kayak, La Jolla Shores)

   1. Front hatch: The biggest issue is getting a solid, sea worthy seal on this in rough waters or beach launch landing.  I'm actually convinced it is impossible to fully seal, as the cover gets some hydrodynamic lift as the water passes over the top, allowing water into both the tub and the hull.  I've seen some people add various latches to the cover, either over the top straps or 'Yeti Cooler' style hold downs.  I'm actually considering to redo the whole thing.
      a. First, cut the hatch in half, and make the front half semi-permanently closed tight (nylon hardware).
      b. Attach the front half with some sort of overlapping hinge (this is the challenge, how to make it seal tight at the seam) and use the yeti style straps to hold the front closed tight.  I'll probably make the whole mess with fiberglass and keep the original untouched.
      c. Another option would be to add a cam or ratcheting type of strap closure from the bow, over the cover, then down into the cockpit
      d. Need to do some more thinking about this
      e. When the hatch fills with water, if severely degrades the boats handling properties.
   2. Cockpit rod holders.
      a. These seem to be for bass fisherman. Or at least not for me.  Seems the rods need to be baitcasting and short (6').  I've not been able to use these with any of my rods, and feel comfortable about it.
      b. I do use them when I'm returning to a ocean shore launch, I break my rods down and shove them in, safer in their if I roll.
      c. These leak and they fill with water in shore launches and moderate seas.
      d. I may just fill these with small pool noodles (added benefit of buoyancy in case of swamping), the bottom tube in particular seems to have the least usefulness* and also take on the most water.  So I'll start by finding a pool noodle to fill those.
         i. Usefulness: all of the tubes bend as they approach the bow (constraints of the hull shape) the upper tubes bend the least, the lower bottom tubes bend the most.  Also, being so so close to the floor of the cockpit makes it more challenging to get a rod in/out w/o damaging the rod or guides.
   3. Cockpit hatch: tilting tackle box holder is cute, but
      a. I tried just removing the holder and shoving tackle boxes in the bilge, unfortunately they travel freely, I lost my salmon lure box for about a month until I was able to coax it back to the hatch area.
      b. I know you can get or make (Rubbermaid) a box to go in there, but it is smaller than I'd like.  I'd like to figure out some way to get access to a larger space under the hatch, but also keep the boxes within that space.  For now, I'll probably just get one of the bins.
      c. I do not want to remove any of the foam blocks, they are there for safety (swamping) and that is a priority for me as well.

General Talk / Kayak Rental San Diego? guide recomendations?
« on: September 28, 2021, 07:37:38 AM »

need some SCKA help.

Headed to San Diego next week and want to go fishing with my son, but have only 1 kayak.  Anyone know of and have good experience with a kayak rental in SD?

Would also like to find a kayak fishing guide SD - so looking for any experience you all might of had.


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