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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Fly fishing the Santa Cruz area  (Read 6258 times)

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I've caught them on the surface wiggling small poppers and Griffith's gnats. Under the surface, hare's ears and prince nymphs stripped fast have caught them for me too. Good luck!

Are you talking about surf perch or bluegills?

Bluegills! The poppers would also produce LM bass every once in a while too, but this was in the Verde River in Arizona. I've never tried my fly rod in the surf, but would be impressed if a fish would pick out a gnat in the surf  :smt003
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Bluegills are excellent targets for the beginning fly slingers. I would definitely get some experience with them be fore surf perch. For the perch clousers and crab patterns can do the trick. Ernies Casting Pond would have the info for the flies and the surf spots.
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Ditto targeting the bluegills. I prefer wet flies or nymphs if you want to actually catch the little buggers.

And where there are bluegill, often times there are bass waiting to eat them. I've had fish to about 4 lbs eat a size 4 Clouser in Bluegill colors. Mucho fun on a 4 wt.