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Topic: Kids of NCKA  (Read 18337 times)

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My son is absolutely addicted to fishing. We spearfish Monterey and Carmel, and we have a tandem Yak and hit the ocean and the lakes. Here are a few pictures of recent. Salmon was today (15+ pounds) and the Ling was at 20ish two weeks ago on a boat out of Monterey.

He is 11... :-)

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Bumblebee and my little Pumpkin.

In Loving Memory of Joel Lotilla


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I took my 7 year old daughter, Angela at CCK Oakland yesterday. I wanted to demo the new Hobie 2015 models.  The staff at CCK are first class.  Very friendly and helpful.

I took her out on the Outfitter.  She had blast!  I was doing all the pedaling and I got tired.  She didn't want to go in. 

I demo'd the new Outback and Revo 16 too.  Then my wife joined us for dinner.  Beautiful weather and place.  Very kid friendly and lots of good restaurants.  We will be back to Jack London Square for family outings.
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(yes, I know, I spelled Opie wrong...lol)

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Love watching my kids fish from their kayaks

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Love seeing these youngens growing up loving and learning the NCKA way!
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