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  • Open Shelter III : September 14, 2019

Topic: Open Shelter III - Registration is Now Closed!  (Read 10769 times)

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If I'm driving 5+ hours and calculating gas + lodging + a couple overpriced bait trays + a couple meals out and of course for an event like this I have to being sure I'm stocked up on swimbaits, jig heads, salmon flashers etc (even though I already know I have more than I need) am I going to noticed that I gave $25 or ? to a good cause ?
Nope, NO !
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Will be there to support whatever decision is made.

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Love the low key nature of this event.  Do whatever you have to do to maintain the nature of what you started. 


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From a branding perspective i really like ur tagline "Where Life Is Good."  Solid thinking E

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Not sure if I can make it but raising funds for the Cove seems like the RIGHT thing to do.


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I love and support my Paradise   :smt001
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VOTED and looking forward to meeting everyone up there. I'll have my new Outback in about 4 weeks. I don't have many free weekends as I'm scheduled to umpire 31 weekends this year, but this one is now blocked off for fishing.
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Count me in for the cause wether i make it or not !
Such a small commitment for such a great place. Be great for all to donate now if you can because eventually you will get to enjoy shelter cove and be able to say you helped in preserving it.

Off my soap box.

Enjoying the fam


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Just a heads up,
This year another event has been scheduled on the same date :'0(
This will mean that you will have to make a decision between the two (NOT good for either event).
I will not try to compete with this event, but will just offer this

This years event will benefit the Shelter Cove Fishing Preservation Inc. There will be a $25 entry and event shirts will be available for an additional fee. All proceeds will be donated to S.C.F.P. Inc.
If you enjoy fishing out of Shelter Cove,  this is a great way to support a great nonprofit organization for the betterment of all.
I am working on prizes and will post more on that later. As in years past, this will be a great family fun event that you won't regret being a part of. 
I will be posting more details, and begin registration in early June so as NOT to interfere with the G.S. event. 
Hope to see you in September
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Will do my best to be there - to fish that great resource and support the Shelter Cove Preservation group.
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Joel ><>


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I will try to make this not sure why the other tourney had to schedue on the same day but maybe they can switch.
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Registration is now open
Info on first post of this thread
Be sure to postmark registration by August 17
See ya there
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Artwork for event shirts has been added to original post
Here is a photo also
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