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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: fishing groups for tourney?  (Read 1448 times)

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Are people going to be fishing in groups or is it more like everyone for themself?  :smt071  Reason i ask is this is my first derby and first time fishing for the butt.  would be nice if i could meet up with someone who knows what they're doing; just looking to have some fun.  



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We are a pretty friendly group and even though everyone wants to win, we will help out newbies no problem. It looks like Joel, Eric, Brian and myself will be launching from Capitola/New Brighton. I know a lot of people will be launching from the SC wharf. You are more than welcome to join me and I am sure the SC crew feels the same.

I will PM you my cell number and we can make contact on Saturday, conditions change so we might end up launching someplace else.


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Dear Greg:

                Fisherman's Warehouse will give you a good heads up on fishing for Butts Tonight. I'm using a Squid Stinger setup Allen B. showed me which, I caught my first 27Lb. Butt on. I'm no fishing Guru just lucky and ,you welcome to hang with the Guys who will be launching from the West harbor.
               I'll start with the one-mile Can then hit the Warf. I'm leaving early around 11:00 AM. because, my wife has to work.
FW 2009 RF Derby King Davenport, Ca.