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2017 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: A collection of rare fish caught from NCKA.org  (Read 41119 times)

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I haven't caught one of these in a very long time. Halfmoon Perch.
Caught off Monterey Coast Guard Pier 01/15/2016

There are schools of them at SWS.
I think Jim said they don't taste very good.
What's your opinion?

I haven't eaten one yet....tempted to blast one to try..some of them are bruisers and look cool.


Here is my "rare fish" for 2015, taken in 45 feet of water in Monterey County.






When you blast one every trip ... it ain't rare anymore  :smt002  :smt008  :smt003


Only my third male so far....didn't get a pic of me holding this one but here are the other two from 2013 and 2014...one a year makes em pretty rare for me.  :smt004





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Now they are rare ... you've shot 'em all


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From last June.  Needlefish, should be called nuisance fish, because that's what they are.  They twist and roll when hooked, wrapping themselves up and tangling line.  Wormy and not fix for human consumption.


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Buddy of mine shot this red rock trout , aka fringed green king, at van damme this summer. Beautiful fish, never knew we had this type of greenling.
Good looking fish!

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