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Topic: An old Arco solar panel array $75  (Read 236 times)

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  Anyone interested in a 18V, aprox 63W (With age) Arco solar panel array?  The array consists of 3 6V 21watt panels, wired in series to supply 18 Open circuit voltage of 19.04VDC, measured in direct sun a few minutes ago, the array still produces juice!   The array measures about 4 feet square.  I purchased it in the mid 90's and had it installed in my small solar array charging 4 6V golf cart batteries.  The individual panels were part of a "Quad panel"(4 panel 85watt array)
  Living in a redwood forest I never used this array, so its time to let it go. I Just added a photo of the panel.   No one has any interest is a photovoltaic panel? Make an offer.

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