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Topic: Bag Limit vs. Possession Limit?  (Read 266 times)

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March 8, 2018

Question: Can you please clarify the difference between a bag limit and a possession limit? Is the possession limit always double the bag limit? (Anonymous)

Answer: California Fish and Game Code, section 18 describes “bag limit” as the maximum limit, in number or amount, of birds, mammals, fish, reptiles or amphibians that may lawfully be taken by any one person during a specified period of time.

FGC, section 19 defines “possession limit” as the maximum, in number or amount, of birds, mammals, fish, reptiles or amphibians that may be lawfully possessed by one person.

To answer your second question, no, the possession limit is not always double the bag limit. The possession limit and bag limit are frequently different so you must pay attention to what the regulations are for the fish, game or other species you are attempting to take to ensure you don’t take more than what is authorized by either the bag limit or possession limit.

As an example, during the waterfowl season (which just ended), the daily bag limit is seven ducks. The possession limit for ducks is triple the daily bag limit so a hunter can legally possess 21 ducks.