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Topic: Can I Bowfish When It’s Not Archery Season?  (Read 217 times)

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March 8, 2018

Question: My understanding is that archery equipment is not allowed for use on Type A wildlife areas for the take of upland or waterfowl hunting during the regular seasons.  However, if I use a bow with fishing attachments such as a line attached to the arrow and reel, am I allowed to use this equipment to “fish” during the off seasons when fishing is allowed on the areas? (Ray)

Answer: For purposes of the wildlife areas managed by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, fishing is defined in California Code of Regulations Title 14, section 550(b)(11) to include “using bow and arrow fishing tackle as defined in section 1.23.” Section 1.23, titled Bow and Arrow Fishing Tackle, states “such tackle must have the arrow shaft or the point, or both, attached by a line to the bow or to a fishing reel (includes crossbow).” Section 550(h) states that “Fishing on Department land shall be allowed except as otherwise stated in subsections 551(o) [relates to possession of a concealed firearm], 551(y) [relates to property-specific fishing regulations], and 630(e) [relates to fishing restrictions and additional regulations on ecological reserves] of these regulations, or when the area is closed according to these regulations or posted by the Department with signs that prohibit entry or fishing.”