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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Family Crabbig!  (Read 189 times)

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This is gonna be my first time taking the kids and the wife crabbing.  Was planning going early morning in Pacifica pier and set my a hoop net and a snare.  What is the best bait to use & is there any law or something that I should know?

Also bringing some ghost shrimp ( missed the low tide so only kept 8. 3 dead and 5 alive, most have to let go because they are tiny.) in case the crabbing sucks.

If that doesnít work, Iím eyeing HMB.

So any suggestion for the first time adventurer?


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2 lines per person. I think underhand throwing only. And YES, you can keep female crabs


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Anything fresh and meaty makes a good bait for dungeness. Popular options are squid, anchovies, chicken, herring or mackerel. Chopping or grinding releases more scent. I don't like paying for bait, so I usually use herring or the carcasses of whatever fish I've been catching recently. Seems to work quite well.