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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Yak-A-Bass Lake Berryessa Putah Creek Campground April 22nd  (Read 136 times)

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Hey guys Yak-A-Bass first in person event is now live on Tourney X who host our photos and allows you to pay for registration. We no longer have an Angler cap this year so more anglers means larger payouts and Bigger events. We hit 89 anglers for Kbf at Lake Camanche in feb and looking for that or better for berry. these events are allways alot of fun come camp out have fun and fish with some of the best bass anglers from kayaks from all over California. Heros on the water event will be on friday at berry, Saturday Rob is hosting a Mbf multi species event and Sunday is Yak-A-Bass. come out and make a family friendly weekend of fishing and hanging out. im sure there will be a pot luck saturday night. as allways if you have any questions please send me a pm i dont check this as often as i should and dont want to miss anything. thanks -James

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These events are a lot of fun just like our NCKA events. Potlucks, fishing, just chilling around the campfire. Good times. The tourney payouts are really good too. A few of us NCKA peeps fish these events and always have a good time.

The MBF I am running is nat affiliated with the tourney other than lot of the entries will be from tourney participants. I am bringing a few Wilderness Systems items to be given away also. Maybe a Kayak Krate, PFD or a lithium battery. Who knows what I will dig up.

Here are the MBF rules. As you can see it will not just be for the bass guys. Anyone could win this.
This will be a multi species event. It will still lean towards bass fishing though. Launch at Putah Creek ramp only. Launch anytime after 6am. Check in will be no later than 8pm. That will give everyone that wants to play a fair chance even if coming to the lake in late afternoon Sat.

I will announce how payment will work for late arrivals before event.

$10 entry
Overall total inches will be the winner.
CPR event only, no fish to the check in
50/30/20 for the pot
Wilderness Systems/Harmony Gear will supply some prizes too! To be announced before event. Maybe even some hourly prizes!

Species to include:
LMB, SMB, Spots, Panfish, Catfish, Trout, Kokanee, Salmon,
Only 1 Salmonid will be allowed at check in
Only one fish per species allowed at check in.
IE: 1 LMB, 1 SMB, 1 panfish, 1 trout. Up to 6 fish total.
Trolling IS allowed
NO live bait
Only one rod in the water at a time
Standard YAB measuring rules will apply with identifier.

Check in will be as follows:
All anglers will get a scorecard. You will record your catches and turn that in. The top 5 anglers will be asked to show their catches by photo for verification. Top 3 will get the money. If any of the top 3 have deductions which cause a change in placing, the placement will be adjusted accordingly, possibly rolling spots 4-5 up.

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