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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Vibe sea ghost 130 upgrades  (Read 381 times)

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I'm awaiting the arrival of my new vibe sea ghost and wondering what upgrades are going to be necessary right from the start any suggestions would be awesome


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Hey Zach,

I have a 2017 SG 110.  The things I've done so far are: Installed a Garmin Striker fish finder, yak attack anchor trolley and an electronic console(check out Dinsmore Outdoors on Youtube).  I think that is about it, so far.


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This was posted a while ago...what upgrades have you done?

For my SG130, the biggest mods I've done is added the ModPodII center hatch and fish fish finder.  The ModPod is a great addition and adds a bit more modularity to the center storage area.  Instead of just a big lid, it has a top watertight compartment for a cell phone, some bungees, and gear tracks.  And it hinges in the middle which makes it much easier to work with on the water. 

It's a little expensive at $85, but worth it IMHO: http://www.h24outdoors.com/old-town-mod-pod-ii.html

The LiPo battery for my fish finder is also attached to a USB charging hub, so I routed the charge cable into the cell phone compartment.  After a full day on the water using the fish finder and keeping my phone topped off I still have around 40% capacity.  The nice thing about the LiPo, is that it's small and I can always carry a spare for longer trips.  Easy to swap out and those 5000mah batteries only cost around $25.

Here's an album of the Mod Pod II:  https://imgur.com/a/sGnmpgh
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