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Are you interested in attending?

Yes - Halibut are awesome!
71 (87.7%)
Maybe - Is this a trick? I need to see some proof this is legit
6 (7.4%)
No - Halibut are dry ass fish
4 (4.9%)

Total Members Voted: 80

Topic: Report and Photos: 2018 Oyster Point Halibut Fish and Learn  (Read 7642 times)

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Hey Anglers,

I've been thinking of putting this together for awhile now. I want to organize my first Fish and Learn.
The purpose of the Fish and Learn is to provide an avenue for new or seasoned kayak fishing
Anglers to get together to FISH and LEARN. I have learned many hard lessons as a season angler and I feel that it is time to pass this knowledge along.Come Fish, Come Chill, Come Learn.

MBF tomorrow will be handled by Ariel_Sea. Tomorrow at the LAUNCH.
20 dollars for those wishing to participate between friends.

Final Update:
I'm looking forward to meeting everyone going out tomorrow. I know there are some new faces so please make sure to come over and say hi. I got some hot dogs and chicken wings for the grill tomorrow, in addition to fruit and drinks. I think that I mainly come for the food.

Bait and Tackle:
I am going to go catch bait in a little bit for tomorrow, however, i shouldn't be your primary bait supplier tho  :smt005. I will also tie up some halibut tackle to share for those who may need some assistance. I will have about 20-25 three way leaders at the event.

The T-shirts are in and they loook great!! I always print a few extra but i don't have much. Come catch me if you want to pick one up.

Just a reminder to sign waivers in the morning. I will try and make it out to help any new people with the basics of halibut fishing. We will come in for lunch around 1 and i'll do the full seminar from 1-2 p.m.
I look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow.


PotLuck Thread:

How to Fish Oyster Point:

Waiver Forms available here:

Learn about:

Bait Choices for California Halibut
Best locations in the bay and ocean to target Halibut
Targeting tides
How to properly net/gaff halibut
Learn how halibut migrations around the bay.
Preparing your catch.

Basic Kayak Fishing Tips:
Dressing for immersion
Emergency plans
The Importance of PFD and fishing buddies

If you are interested, leave a message here or comment on my blog:

Update: It seems like there is enough interest to move forward with this event. Looking at the tide charts and moon phases.
It looks like Saturday May 12, 2018 is the best date.

Tide for May 12, 2018
Sa  12      Low   5:09 AM     0.8   6:02 AM    Rise  4:40 AM      16
    12     High  11:07 AM     5.4   8:10 PM     Set  5:16 PM
    12      Low   4:53 PM     1.0
    12     High  11:10 PM     7.0

Tight Lines,

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I'm excited about this. Left a comment on you blog as well. Is that mean 2 interest? :smt044

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Id love to participate in something like this. Sounds fun, and also full of learning opportunities which really interest me.
Looking forward to it

Rock Hopper

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Meh - Halibut are dry ass fish.

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Don't over cook your fish and you won't have dry ass fish.
Lol :smt001


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Left a comment. We are very much interested! Thank you in advance


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What is halibut?  I am in !
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Im down for this!
And btw, I've never had dry halibut. Had it fried, baked and bbq (in foil). Its pretty meaty and moist!

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absolutely, very interested,thanks


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I would really like this!


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Very interested. This would be really cool. Know nothing about how to fish for Cali butts.


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Count me in!! Been to Oyster Pt. a couple of times and got skunked. Looking forward to it.

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Meh - Halibut are dry ass fish.

Smoked cali hali is never dry, especially with a cold one to wash it down.
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