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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Return from Belize need to make spearfishing part of life!  (Read 195 times)

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So I was down in Belize and decided to try spearfishing. I had a blast and shot some lions and a hogfish!  I have an ocean trident 15 that I have been crabbing with and some light fishing last Fall.  I would like to start setting up to spearfish. I have absolutely no idea where to start.   Are their classes available? NorCal certainly is a world apart from the clear, warm waters of Belize.  Any advice on gear, instruction and locations is appreciated!



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Freediving in the tropics is just magical, isn't it?

I'm guessing you live in Pacifica :smt002, and freediving on the San Mateo Coast is... different. Unless you drive south to Monterey or north to Timber Cove you are dealing with rough, murky water and constant concerns about the landlord. Occasionally the visibility is OK, but there's a reason you don't see many people diving Linda Mar or Half Moon Bay.

Not to say you shouldn't do it-- people have shot big stripers, lings, and halibut in our area.


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Spearfishing is magical.  Belize and NorCal are opposites in water clarity and temperature.  With that said I am sure once you got over the shock of the cold water you could grow to love it. 

There is a blog on the red triangle spearfishing site that lists how to set up a kayak for NorCal.  I always refer people to that first and then look up old posts that cover just about every other question out there.  If you still have questions post up and someone should help point you in the right direction. 

I know there are a couple divers who live in your area.  Would be beneficial to introduce yourself and pick their brains on where they go and why.  Maybe even tag along on a trip and make sure it wasnít just the warm water you loved. 

As for classes.  There are many out there.  Find one that fits your needs and you wonít regret it.  Some of us have taken multiple classes and learn something new each time. 

If you are still into it after all that sign up for the DOTY Comp.  You donít have to be in it to win it but itís a great way to track the species you get and you can get pointers on where to find the others on the list.  You will learn all the legal sizes and limits while participating which all helps to make you a better spearfisherman. 

Happy hunting
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Thanks for the info! I will check out that Red triangle setup today.  I can walk my kayak to Linda Mar so it is a bummer it isn't better vis.  I would definitely not be comfortable without a buddy anyway.  I am definitely up for meeting anyone who doesn't mind a newbie around. I think I will make the drive somewhere for the first few trips as well.  Looking forward to the adventure either way.