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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: NorCal HOW 5th 2018 Event - Campin' & Fishin' 6/28 - 7/1 at KELSEY BASS RANCH  (Read 120 times)

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Hi All,

The NorCal HOW team has planned our next event to be hosted at Kelsey Bass Ranch over the weekend of June 28-July 1. We plan to try and accommodate approximately 20 vets + family members that weekend.  Most of the vets will likely fish on Saturday, but a few may choose to camp and fish with us.

We will be needing some volunteers to take veterans out on the water as well as some to help with shore duty tasks such as prepping and cooking food, ensuring vets are rigged up safely with PFDs and rods, etc.  Some vets may need fishing help, and we could definitely use a few people on the water guiding the vets to fish.

Food schedule:
Friday night potluck/chinese food dinner
Saturday - Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner provided
Sunday - Breakfast provided.

Volunteers are welcome to show up starting on Thursday night and stay until Sunday evening.

Target fish species are Largemouth Bass, with the chance for other species such as Bluegill and Catfish. Please be aware that Kelsey Bass Ranch is a catch & release lake for bass, but other species may be kept if preferred.  We generally can cull a few of the smaller bass if we want to but generally do not.  The weather should be good, and hopefully the fishing will be great!

1. No Alcohol is allowed at HOW events.
2. Please wear proper attire as it is possible that you will get wet. Preference is for base layer of non-cotton clothing such as polyester, nylon, or synthetic wool, with a top layer of something water resistant.
3. We expect the temperatures to be warm, but temperatures in the valley can be variable in October.  So be prepared for anything.
4. Please bring your own tents and camping gear - if you have extra gear that some vets may be able to use for the weekend if they choose to camp, let us know.

If you would like to attend this event as a volunteer or participant, please contact us by email at Communications.NorCal@heroesonthewater.org.

If you think you can help join us, please post in this thread.  If you know of any veterans or active duty military that may want to attend, contact Raydon.  We'll also post up the event details on our FB page at www.facebook.com/NorCalHOW.  Please follow this thread for updates on what we need from you guys as to timing of showing up, cleaning up, etc.



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Carrie and I will carve out and take vacation time to come help at both events at Kelsey. Our usual duties? Daughters may or may not be available to help. :smt006
Summer time is here! Love this time of year....