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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: First fish in a kayak  (Read 1251 times)

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Mark L

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Had my maiden voyage last Sunday at San Pablo Dam. I got a couple of good strikes trolling a rapala but spent to much time fumbling with the paddle and then trying to reach the rod and they got off.

Went to Shawdow Cliffs today and tried different rapalas  both weighted and on top with no bites after four hours. While eating lunch and for an hour after I drifted power bait with a drop shot setup at several different depths. It was about time to head home and I decided to try trolling a gold kastmaster. After about 30 seconds I got a strike and landed a 1.5lb rainbow.  I trolled another 20 minutes and called it a day.

My goal is ocean fishing so these trips are to get comfortable with the kayak. So far I have taken sea kayaking I, II and last night I took a rolling class for fun. It turned out to be far from fun.....it was a workout. It takes coordination and timing while you are upside down under water crammed inside a tiny kayak that looks like one of those wood shoes from Holland. Sean the teacher was great but I just couldn't get the hang of it. I'll take a surf zone class and then I should be prepared for the ocean.
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Good times, you seem to have the sweet kayak.  First fish!  Way to go! :smt006
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 Congratulations on the trout. Iím impressed by your solid preparation for ocean kayaking. See you out there!


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Nice Mark.  You will be catching all kinds of fish soon. :smt001


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I got a couple of good strikes trolling a rapala but spent to much time fumbling with the paddle and then trying to reach the rod and they got off.

Hey Mark! Congrats on your success yesterday.  You'll get better.  In the future, don't worry about reaching for the rod if you get a fish on.  Just keep paddling until you're ready to go for it.  By keeping motion, you'll keep tension on the fish.  Take your time with it!


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Congratulations on the trout. Iím impressed by your solid preparation for ocean kayaking. See you out there!

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Right on, never been to SPDR, looks like a sweet local spot, would be interested in joining you out there sometime if you post a hook up. My freshwater game is weak but I have a crap load of trout lures.

Trolling ain't easy, trying to let out or reel in line and maintain you speed and course on a paddle kayak is kinda like patting your head and rubbing you belly at the same time, takes practice.

Flipping your kayak, righting it and reentry are also top priority.

Thanks for the report!
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Nice job Mark!

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Congrats on the preparation....you can't be too ready.
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Congrats on the first kayak fish Mark.
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Congrats on getting into kayak fishing.  If you're looking for North Bay trout in off season let me know.  Otherwise see you on April 1st!



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Congrats on your first Kayak fish! When you are ready for salt water some on down to Monterey Bay and myself, Sharkbait72 and Jay will get our fish on with you!  :smt003


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Congratulations! I remember how stoked I was when I got my first fish on my yak. Good times! Hope to see you on the water one of these days.


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Congratulations! I also went on my maiden voyage last weekend. I got skunked, but it was still a blast.


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Welcome! Ocean fishing is coming up soon! Cant wait. I hear the butts are biting now too!