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Topic: Can’t an Officer “Radio in” My License Info?  (Read 1865 times)

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Be a big boy and carry your license. That is the problem today, we are lazy. Let technology do it.
I dont regulate Title 14, but ANY time our regs call for documentation to be produced on request and you aint got it, I will give you some so you dont feel left out until you get it taken care of. Yes I can research licenses for blasters with a phone or radio call. What does the LAW say? Really no excuse other than you are lazy.


Also, take your ticket like a big boy and go to court. I did this once because I forgot my hunting license. Went to court, showed my license and the receipt and they said thanks and have a nice day. My punishment for forgetting to follow the law was an hour in a court room and a $100 court processing fee. Be grown ups :)
I tend to agree. As I said earlier, nominal fee and show proof. I'm not sure where the lazy part fits in though. I think mostly its a matter of forgetting or putting it someplace different for a special trip. Most people don't want to worry about a big fine for a forgetful error.

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Forgive me if this has already been addressed but I did not read all four pages of this. From a law enforcement perspective, let’s compare this to driving without a license. There are actually two violations related to this. The first is vc 12500 which is driving without a license issued to you (a misdemeanor). The second violation is vC 12951 which is driving without a license in your possession (an infraction) I am not familiar with fg sections but it could be the same type of deal.  If you had a license but didn’t have it with you were you cited for not having a license or not having it in your possession. Again, I am not familiar with fg codes so I don’t know if this is the case. but  Just because they can verify that you have a license issued to you doesn’t mean that you aren’t still committing a violation if your are not in possession of it while fishing.