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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: 2 weeks ago  (Read 798 times)

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Sir Rob IV

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Couple weeks ago, I was able to get some water therapy. Adam and I headed down to Central California to get some good DOTY fish. Seeing it was super bowl weekend a couple of friends had asked for sashimi so I aimed to only take Vermilions, and Olives. Over the two days of diving, I really noticed how much fish activity can change day to day. One day I had 5 Verms, 3 Olives and 1 Sheep, the following day with 2 rockfish left I only saw 3 Verm taking 2 of them limiting on my rockfish catch and not spotting a single Sheep. No one saw anything decent and we ended the trip with Adam catching the prize fish, a nice bull Sheep at 20.5 lbs 32”.

The following week a swell was building but I was able to get out in a window with Adam and Ryan. The forecast was calling for 20+ winds so we kept our fingers crossed hoping it wouldn’t get that bad. Meeting up with Adam at his house I hear him cursing at a black cat running by. Telling me the story the last time that cat crossed him he ended busting his lip on the job. Not being superstitious and cat lover myself I just called him crazy and we loaded up in his truck to meet Ryan. As all three us enjoy the Sonoma coast sunrise as we hear a rumbling and we find out we have a flat. Luckily Adam is prepared and we are able to change the flat with two of us working on the tire while the other made sure no crazy driver runs us over on the skinny curvy steep hill side of Sonoma coast. I can hear Adam cursing about the cat and myself thinking I guess it’s true. We get to our location and load up our kayaks. Waiting on the shore for the small surf break to pass, I see Adam going for it. So, I decide to join only to be welcomed with a set wave and myself getting a nice welcoming from mother ocean. Adam managed to paddle his way through the set somehow duck diving or some sort through the white wash. I can see Ryan waiting on the shore on salvage detail in case any gear comes free and Adam safely paddling out. After a couple, more waves hit me I was able to get up and paddle out. Regrouping and laughter at our misfortune with the wonderful start of the day we paddle out with little wind. We get to our first shallow area and I was able to take a small grassy but Ryan finds a big 22” Black Rockfish. We move to another area and the wind starts picking up. With difficulty, we are able to anchor up and I found a great structure holding a school of blues. Searching around for what else lingers I see a big Black, swimming away. Unable to line up a good shot I let her go only to find her underneath a big boulder the next dive down. As I pull her up I see a good ling perched admiring the same school as I was. Attempting to come around him I see him starting to make a run for it, luckily, I was faster and cut him off on the other side. Stringing him and marking a new spot with my pole spear I notice that something is caught in my belt and keeping me from resurfacing. I take a pause and realize I either can struggle to the surface or drop my belt. Simple choice be safe and drop the belt. I guess when stringing the lively ling he managed to wrap around my float line with my stringer. Luckily, I only had to pull up my float line to retrieve my belt. But as a reminder of something we all know, when in doubt drop your belt! We move to a third spot and the wind is howling making the anchor experience even better! Paddling forward drop anchor hoping to hook up, rinse and repeat I finally get it on the third try. I find a good size Gopher and come across a skinny ling that I pass on. I was able to find another Vermilion and added him to my stringer. We ended the day with Adam again with the biggest fish again, 34” ling, Ryan’s big Black and myself with a colorful array of fish. I was in a soul mood when editing the video so went with a couple classics from Bill Withers.

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Wow nice verms!!

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Well done....
Nice report and video.
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Sin Coast

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A+ report! Thank you
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Thanks for the great report and video clip Sir Rob IV.
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Thanks for the report and video  :smt006

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Sir Rob IV

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Great job Rob!!




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Nice write up and video, Rob!

Curious - how do you not get Youtube to flag/remove your video for music/copyright issues?
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