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Topic: any Alaska fishing trip pointers?  (Read 910 times)

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Eugene, Your post timing was perfect. I was going to ask for some Alaska advise too. Thank you for starting it.

Thank you Scott. I appreciate your pointers.

As I previously mentioned, the wife and I are planning to drive to Alaska. We'll leave a week after GS12 and return in time to clean up and head to Albion. We will take our Casita trailer and camp along the way.

I want to travel as light as possible (if possible). No kayak, no dog, no hunting gear. I will bring some fishing gear to use along the way. I'll rent and use charters for the ocean fishing.

Wasn't planning on going to Kodiak, but we might go as far as Homer. I'll look into Seward too. Depends on road conditions and how long it takes to drive there.

I would also appreciate suggestions from anyone that has made the drive. I pre-ordered the 2018 Milepost and it should arrive in March.
Thank you,
I made the drive up in October 1990 and in July 1998 i drove back to Cali :smt001  Best cross country drive I experience in my life. I hope some day i could do it agin. Have Fun and take your time. Back then AAA made me a trip tick showing where to get gas and hotels. Just set your driving schedule for each day. I drove an average of 6-8 hours a day and it took me about 10 days to make it up to Anchorage but that was in the middle of winter!


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San Francisco to Homer by car:
60 h without traffic; 3,287 miles via I-5 N
63 h without traffic, 3,493 miles;  via BC-97 N


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I made my first trip up last summer (first week of August). I went with three friends and stayed at Chinook Shores, which is just outside of Ketchikan. We did a 5 day self-guided package which runs somewhere around 2k per person. The package included a cabin with beds for 4-6, literally a stones throw from the dock and a boat for the week. We targeted halibut and coho and got the occasional late king as well. The salmon averaged 5-10 pounds and the halibut maybe 15-25. All in, the trip was less than 3k. Ketchikan didn't seem to be a fish of a lifetime type of area, but what it lacked in size it made up for in numbers, although there's always a chance for a triple digit hali. I'd definitely recommend the lodge, especially considering the quality/value. That being said, Rivers Inlet BC and Kodiak/Northern AK are still on the bucket list.