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Topic: Can I Use My Drone as a Jig?  (Read 450 times)

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February 9, 2018

Question: I have a drone that is set up for fishing. I have a Cannon downrigger quick-release that I can attach to my drone.  I would like to use my drone to troll or as a jig. When the fish strikes, the line would be pulled free from the drone, and I would fight and retrieve the fish with my rod and reel. Is that legal? (James K.)

Answer: Under existing law, using a drone to jig tackle that remains connected to your rod and reel is not illegal so long as the drone is being legally flown in a legal area. Recognizing that regulations on drones are becoming tighter, especially in sensitive areas, you need to be familiar with all local ordinances or special jurisdictions as well. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has issued citations to drone operators for “harassing wildlife” in some areas of the state, so use common sense when flying and be aware of your fellow anglers.


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Drone fishing... gotta give that a try.
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What’s the best bait/method to catch a drone?
What are the daily bag limits?


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I'm prepared to hunt and destroy the next one flying over my property and home. Some people have no clue about privacy
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That is a worthy goal wilderness hunter. I too am looking forward to downing my neighbourhood drone. One of these days it’s gonna get close enough. Every time I think I hear it it’s a mad dash for my shotgun. At least it gives me something I can still hunt with my high base lead shells


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I seen a kid in Utah trolling a spinner with a radio controlled boat!
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