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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: 2017 JAOTY Standings  (Read 373 times)

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Hey Everybody! 

I know the competition ran a bit under the radar last year, but we did have a pretty good Junior Angler of the Year competition going!  As some of you may recall, JAOTY is free for participants under the age of 18 years old, and kids are not restricted to fishing from a kayak, meaning that they can fish from shore, kayak, boat or even off the mighty whirlybird that seems so popular these days.  Generally speaking, AOTY Committee members approve all fish submitted by JAOTY anglers with the exception of undersized fish. 

Anyways, we had a very good competition, with 11 competitors submitting over 40 fish!  The final standings are below:

1st Place - Aiden S - With 770 points. Aiden had a total of 7 fish approved, including a pig 19.5", 156pt largemouth!
2nd Place - Jack F (jackjack) - With 691points, including a huge 197pt, 25.5" Brown Trout!  This was the largest brown caught all year by all AOTY competitors, including the adults! Nice job Jack!
3rd Place - Colton W (ColtonTheSinker) - 690 points, with a big fish of a 139.5pt, 15.5" Spotted Bass!
4th Place - Jake W (BassMasterJake) - 586 points, and maybe we should call him TroutMasterJake since he got a beautiful 18.25", 141 point rainbow trout from Lake Shasta!
5th Place - Emma M (A-Luring) - 454 points, with a big 11.75" crappie, probably from Rollins, the land of the 18" crappie!
6th Place - Lucas W (LucasDaFisher) - 344 points, with a nice assortment of Spotted Bass, Trout and Rockfish!
7th Place - Olivia Y (bmb jr) - 312 points, including a spotted bass and a crappie she caught on the same day with her dad!
8th Place - Jolie F ('Lil SuperVata) - 290 Points, with a Largemouth bass and a huge 14" crappie!
9th Place - Angelina P (minnie-mE) - 224 points, catching both a lingcod and a blue rockfish!
10th Place - Lauren K (Lil gill) - 116 points from 1 23.25" Halibut caught with her parents in Humboldt Bay!
11th Place - Lucas R (Baja Ninja) - 92 points from a 11.5" black rockfish!

Congrats to all the competitors, and great job to those who placed!  Places 1-3 for the Juniors will end up with some sort of prize, yet to be determined.  Don't forget to participate in 2018! Same great rules, same bat channel!
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