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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: PB verm, Noyo harbor  (Read 693 times)

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Headed out of Noyo with Sarge and Duane today. It was a bit too rough to go very far, but we found some nice pinnacles that went from 15-55'. Duane is still recovering from the black plague, so he tried his first SCUBA dive in NorCal and shot some video. Visibility was incredible and Duane snapped this awesome picture of a drop I did hunting vermilion.

Just like last week, there were a ton of lings but they were all pretty small. I do a drop to 50' and see a small ling swim by, post up on a rock and turn my head to see if he's coming to check me out. He's coming towards me and behind him is the shadow of a verm. Popped him and came up happy. My biggest verm at just under 23"

Duanes lungs were jacked up and I was spent, so we moved in shallow. Sarge got a scallop, and shot a small blue and a small cab and we went in.

Went home and after some minor surgery was able to recover the otoliths


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That's sturdy vermilllion! Congrats. Very impressed you guys got out there in this swell!Way to earn your evening beers!


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What a great dive picture.  Puts fishing into perspective.  Thanks :smt006
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Awesome photo! And nice verm too.
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Those are awesome pics


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Wow! Congrats on the verm. The photo could be a NatGeo photo of the day!

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Congrats on the PB Verm and thanks for the report + pictures.
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Wow! Congrats on the verm. The photo could be a NatGeo photo of the day!

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