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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: 2017- A Safeish year  (Read 398 times)

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Thank you everyone for giving me an incredible year!!!! Editing this video was a trip, I can't believe all this happened since last New Years. Without good friends this year would have been nothing.

It started with me and Justin snowboarding and talking about going to Mexico. A day later we were hoping in a car and heading down for a month where we surfed, rode whale sharks, speared massive rooster fish, slept on the beach, got daily messages ,and ate lobster. What a month!

Shortly after I found myself in New Zealand spearing huge kingfish while fighting off mako sharks and bronze whalers. I can't wait to go back in Feb!

After a minor mishap for my summer, a trip to Vegas and a Lamborghini.

With a couple hour notice I was in my car heading down to SoCal to shoot massive bluefin tuna with Chris. The most incredible sight underwater! Also came home with a nice yellowtail.

After that a trip to Oregon with Jason where I did the most beautiful BASE jump of my life, and he got a nearly 11 1/2 inch abalone! Met up with Matt Mattison and Shannon Anderson for some more diving.

Loaded back up for another month in Mexico where Jack Johnson, Jeanne, Jason O'Donnell, Joseph Dimitriadis, Ryan Giammona, Tong, Kiley, Joe Missick, Hobie Ladd, and Shyla came down for some spearing.

After that me and Ryan  headed to Idaho where we both shot our first mule deer, hiking hard all day and soaking in hot springs in the evening. Stopped for a quick BASE jump at the Perrine and headed home.

Of course some skydiving in between it all, clothing optional. Stopped by an object for a jump and saw some awesome dude do a BASE cutaway!!

Went to Arizona for some free diving and machine gun shooting with Holly.

Went to Maui with Jimmy and Peter, and met up with  Jonathan Lata for some free diving.

Got some Lobster down south with Matt Mattison, Jason O'Donnell and Matthew.

Did one final ab dive with Holly where she got her first 10.

Whew.... time to start the new job and pay some of this off...hahaha.


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Awesome video a once-in-a-lifetime year
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band of brothers. - Shakespeare
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Thatís a whole lotta good times!


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Wow! good stuff! Thx!