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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Recent PIF Recipient...  (Read 558 times)

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Those on FB may have seen that Andy FishMaster1's mother passed away recently...

She was a special woman and I feel honored to have gotten to meet her on several occasions...

Andy and his brother Mike reached out to the A-Hulls for some $$ help with her final expenses, and we agreed unanimously to send them $3,500.

I have attached screenshots showing the transfer to Mike, and the current PayPal ($9,949.22) and checking ($165.81) balances...

In 2017, PIF did the following:

-$5,000 given to Pacific's GF Pamela
-$2,500 given to Sheri
-$2,500 given to Steph
-$9,600 given to Steph
-$6,000 raised for Steph still in PIF PayPal
-$5,000 given to Rini
-$3,000 given to PinSeeker_11
-$3,000 from Native Raffle given to VictorG
-$3,000 from Native Raffle given to PinSeeker_11
-$3,500 given to FM1's family for mother's final expenses

That's a total of $43,100...the most PIF has given out in one year ever...

Between PayPal and the PIF Checking we still have $2,615 in PIF reserves for future need (this is after taking into consideration the $6,000 we have set aside for Steph, the $1,500 for AOTY/DOTY awards).

I hope the actions we have taken this year have been in line with what the community wants from us, and please let me know if there are any questions or concerns.




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As always, I'm proud of you guys!!!
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Andy FM one. One of the most unselfish giving members that I have ever met..  dude would give you the shirt off his back. except it is a crappy Raiders jersey. Love that dude
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Thatís Amazing Jim!!!
Great Job!

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Andy FM one. One of the most unselfish giving members that I have ever met..  dude would give you the shirt off his back. except it is a crappy Raiders jersey. Love that dude

It's a discounted raiders Jersey after the season they had this year. I'm sad to hear about Andy's mom. My thoughts are with you brotha. Hope you guys celebrate her life in style.
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Sorry about your loss, my man. Let me know if you need anything. Love ya!

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very sorry to hear of Andy's loss.
Glad that NCKA could help, as FM1 has certainly paid his own forward many times over.
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Thanks you guys and especially all who donates to PIF! It isn't very easy asking for help, but in a time needed it was there. I will continue to do my best in Paying it foreward and doing my best as an A-Hull to contribute when I can!.... :smt008 :smt006
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Glad PIF is there to help. So sorry for your loss Andy. Hardest thing.... Stay strong and celebrate her life well....
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So sorry to hear of your loss brother.
Prayers and condolences.
I'm glad that PIF was able to be there for the biggest A-Hull I know.

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sorry to hear about your loss,   
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My condolences Andy  :smt010
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My condolences to you and your family Andy
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