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Topic: I feel so guilty with this weather  (Read 579 times)

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I don't know about you guys, but I've been having some really good luck these past two weeks. It might just be because I have been fishing more than usual, but this nice weather definitely hasn't been hurting. I got limits of lingcod and rockfish last week on my friend's boat out of bodega bay, then caught some perch and a lingcod from some rocks on the Marin coast, and finally caught some perch today on a beach near Pt Reyes. While I hope it will rain soon, its been really nice having some flat calm seas.

I gotta get a kayak soon.


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Beautiful Striped Surf Perch!
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Nice catches and really beautiful perch


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Nice mess of fish!

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Nice lings.  :smt001

Been around here a while I see.  You're a rare breed - someone who hasn't fully contracted the addiction yet.

Best of luck in your progression toward the yak.  :smt003
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Nice looking kings. What were you using?


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Nice looking kings. What were you using?

both were actually caught on a shrimp fly rig!