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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: new year's crab on the hulicat - 12/26/2017  (Read 346 times)

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new year's crab on the hulicat - 12/26/2017

ok, my last trip for the year.  been spending too much time goofing off this month.  gotta knuckle down this final week and get some actual work (and reels) done before heading to back to puerto vallarta on 2nd.  headed out early this morning with my buddy rick and boarded the hulicat for the final rockcod/crab combo of the year.  tom mattusch has been running the hulicat out of half moon bay for as long as i can remember.  great skipper, true gentleman, all around great guy.  we had a really light load today, but tom didn't cut any corners.  it was a great way to end the year.  

let me introduce you to the boat and the skipper!

the winds were predicted to be 15 knots all morning, but it was flat calm mid morning, didn't pick up until the afternoon.  i fished my standard whole squid rig with a single 50 pound double hook leader, with a j-hook on top and a treble on bottom.  got a 6 pound vermillion on the very first drop, followed by two lings, another smaller vermillion and a 3 pound canary.  ok, done!  that pretty much filled my cooler bag, so i started fishing for fun.  i stuck a final ling and handed it off.  turned out to the jackpot winner!  

check out the vermillion.  mike weighed the big one out at 6 pounds!

and after this pair of lingcod, the cooler bag was full!

ok, that's it for me for the year.  got a million things to do before i leave for PV again.  if you have time, the local weather looks good through friday, then it's going to pick up on saturday but it should be fishable, then it's going to blow on sunday.  you've got until sunday for the rockfish/crab combos, then it's going to be crabs and dabs.  the hulicat may also take a shot at petrale sole in january, but that is apparently still under discussion, so december 31st is not totally the end of local fishing.  just don't miss the chance to get your new year's crab and rockfish if you can!  go get 'em!  alan


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Great catch, Alan. Farallons again?


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no, pescadero!  and i almost forgot the best part.  got 8 dungeness crab for dinner tonight!

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Thanks for the report!

Those are some dandies! Iíve been going on the wrong boat for my RF/Crab combos.
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Wow thats an impressive catch.  My crabs have been coming from 99 Ranch lately.
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I got blisters on my fingers!

Dry Bones

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Hey Alan,  How big was the jackpot ling?

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Congrats on the winning Ling and huge Verm.  Thanks for the report and pictures Alan.
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