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Topic: Line and tackle suggestions for ling/rock  (Read 696 times)

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Hi fellows Anglers,

I would like to book a combo trip out of Berkely for rock/ling fishing and would be bring my rod and reel but was sure what mono line rating to use as well as the tackle needed. St Croix 6.6 mf and left hand Okuma cold water baitcasting reel.



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A rod that can handle 3oz -4oz jig or jighead+ swimbait at least ...7' 20lb mono ... bring extra mono.  Charters tend to be a hot mess with snags line mixing up with other people's .

Some people like to tie their jigheads to their line , I prefer a split ring n barrel... I just retie barrels connect jig heads with split rings. ... or just use barrels with clips.
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I like having a solid ring tied onto my braid mainline and then snap on pretied leaders from there. Usually just 2ft sections of 20lb mono with a snap swivel on either end


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for lings I always fish swimbaits and straight 65 or 80lb braid. They are not line shy, just muscle them away from rocks quickly. I could see problems doing this from a large boat or kayak though with snags. In your case Id do at least 25lb leader


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65lb braid with a steel leader 6-12 long. I like to tie a very short piece of 25lb mono between the braid and leader in case you get hung up. Much easier to break free. I use swimbaits too with either 4 or 6oz heads.