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Here is the email I sent and his repsonse:

-----Original Message-----
From: mark pastick [mailto:mosslboss@earthlink.net]
Sent: Monday, June 06, 2005 5:47 PM
Subject: Kayak Fishing Contest Speaks out

I'm an active member of the Norcal Kayak Anglers website (NCKA.org) and
recently a discussion has surfaced regarding the June 12th derby.

The debate has been whether or not sharks/rays/skates should be allowed,
as the entry form states "heaviest fish".

Personally, I prefer to EXCLUDE these species, as I fear many will head
to Elkhorn Slough, where sharks/rays are very common AND ARE BREEDING.
Although some anglers my eat sharks/rays, I believe many would not eat
these species, but rather target them for the chance to win a kayak.

Can you clarify for the group, if sharks/rays/skates will be allowed?

Stuart Imokawa

Seems like every year someone tries to corrupt the rules of this
contest. I have never seen a kayak fisherman who is not serious about
the sport they enjoy. With this seriousness there is also honesty and
integrity. If someone shows up with a guitar shark or bat ray to the
weight station at Shamrocks fishing charters or tries to bend the rules
in any other way they will be soundly laughed off the premises.

Mark Pastick
Kayak Connection