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Topic: Kastking Spartacus Maximus???  (Read 348 times)

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I had previously rulled this reel out, but after thinking about how I'm using the Kastking Spartacus plus I suppose it'd be worth asking about.  Is anyone using it and how do you like it.  Has it been dunked and survived?  My dawia spinners have been dunked and still work great, same with my TR200-G.  How does it feel with 10+ lb fish on.  Is the drag smooth and consistent? I had to grease the plus to make it smooth, it increased the drag power as well.

I'm either picking up the Kastking Spartacus Maximus or the Dawia Lexa 300 HD or WIN.  I like long handles and I primarly want to use it bottom fishing but will use it bass fishing or anything with weight 1/2 ox to 8 oz

How does it work in those appalications.

Right now I'm using a Kastking Spartacus plus with a prower handle on it.  I havent had a problem with 26" lings but I do notice a lot of flex in the reel when they pull drag.  I'm a little skeptial about buying it becasue the plus advertises 17lbs of drag but I can just barely break 10lb mono in a straight line pull.  I don't feel like I need more drag but I don't want to feel the flex (worried it will blow up if I hang a big fish).

Any imput is appriciated


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Hmm.. Maybe this is enough said!!


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Iíd just go with the Lexa HD and not have to worry about the reel blowing up. Iíve used mine for salmon, lings, halibut, YF tuna, Yellow tail, and itís still as good as day one. Honestly, with a 25lb drag, you can use this for almost everything on the west coast. With the obvious exceptions of barn door Alaskan halibut, sail fish, and big boy blue tunas.

Iíd go with the 400 HD though. If you need a bass reel just get any Abu Garcia Revo model. Donít need a fancy expensive reel for bass. Theyíre just bass...
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I have the kastking sharky 2 6000 and it works great I use it for  bottom fishing has no problem with lings caught a 30 inch ling with it no issue. I have dunked it mulitiple times I rinse it after every rip no issues. I also caught a 36 inch salmon with it 
Will travel for fish