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Topic: Fixing batt terminals  (Read 555 times)

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I've seen this posted before, but can't find it so posting a solution.
Problem ..... Corroded and Broken spade terminals on lead acid battery. 
I've lost a few batteries due to the terminals corroding/breaking leaving a otherwise good battery useless. Since it was a going to waist anyway, I decided to at least try to fix it.
The solution .... Build a better terminal.
I've seen it here in the past, so decided to give it a try. The first thing I did was file off the remainder of the bad terminal. Then, in order to make a good contact point, I carefully drilled through the epoxy plug till I hit the base of the terminal. Inserted a small screw to make contact. Attached plug wire to screw. Soldered wire to screw and base of cleaned up terminal. To protect the connections from future damage, I sealed the connections with marine JB Weld.
Results .... Battery good for a couple more cycles.
After this repair, the battery charges faster, and Fuller than prior to repair (likely due to bad contact with corroded terminal). Not sure how much life this battery has remaining, but it looks like it will be around for quite a while.
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good fix.  In addition I always add this stuff to all my battery terminals, boat and auto. Works like a charm. I add it to all my electrical connections on the kayak