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Topic: Garmin FF question  (Read 160 times)

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Anyone use or used Garmin CV (clear vu) version? How do you like it?
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I donít know about thise models and will be interested to hear what people have to say. But I have been using a Garmin FF for 6+ years, and itís been great. Itís gotten dunked in saltwater many times including some crashes in the surf, and itís held up well. A couple years ago, I thought it had bit the dust and sent it in to get it checked out. Turned out that it was fine (the problem was a short in my wiring) and Garmin sent me a slightly upgraded model. I was impressed.
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All I can add to the discussion is that the CV20 transducer which came with my Striker 4cv was large and heavy.  Since it is my first FF I don't know if the non-ClearVu transducer that comes with the regular Striker 4 is smaller/easier to deal with.  The Scotty transducer mount did not seem up to the task, but so far the BroCraft mount is doing well.

I was pretty astonished at the amount of detail shown by the ClearVu.  But again, it's my first FF.

Another newbie comment: the water temperature reading is nice, was not expecting that.  I only just figured out how to change the sonar display to show fish symbols on suspended targets, will have to try that next time out.  The Garmin Striker manual is online, and can be downloaded in PDF form or browsed as HTML.