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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Back in Sierra Foothills and new to Kayak Fishing  (Read 305 times)

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Fish N Disk

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I moved back to the foothills above Folsom last year and got into kayak fishing this year.  I have a Wilderness Systems Ride 115x that I have spent the year outfitting and learning on.  I plan to only stay on fresh water and try to stay clear of all the crazy boaters.

Over the year I have been trying to expand my fishing by going after more types. My plan is to catch a fish each month of 2017. This year I caught my first Smallmouth and Spotted Bass, as well as first crappie, carp, and rainbow trout.  Have tried to get a striper but come up empty each time. 

Next year I hope to get to some tournaments to see setups and maybe not get skunked. 


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WTTM, Folsom is an underrated gem for sure and there are so many nice lakes in the sierra for smallies and trout :)
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Welcome to NCKA FND  :smt006
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Welcome to the madness.

Isnít Georgetown close to Hell Hole Reservoir?
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I go to Georgetown alot my family is there . I can show u Uncle Tom's cabin on are way to Union vally or loon lake  stumpy medows is a good lake bass and trout and if your lucky you can pick morals on the shore during a lunch brake . I'm always open to go fishing I ha e fished all that good stuff. The bad news is sno will block are way soon about late April it will clear
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Welcome fish N disk
You live in a perfect area to target multiple freshwater species throughout the year without having to deal with too many crazy boaters. Lots of folks on here targeting stripers, if you aren't ready for tournament attend or create a hookup at the Port? Good way to meet other yakers and see how they rig etc. Anyway just an idea.  :smt006
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Like others have said you have so many awesome places to fish up that way. Hell Hole is one of my favorites but there are so many destinations up that way itís not funny.
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