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Topic: Partner needed  (Read 381 times)

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Wanna go out Saturday was thinking Timber cove but it's a bit of a drive. I was also thinking Stinson Beach and hitting ducksberry but have never launched there . I have an older hobie outback with sail mod and outriggers . My buddy has landed some huge lungs there and I want to give it a try

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My buddy and I will be camping at TC Friday night and heading out in the morning closer to first light.  I'd be happy with your 'bit of a drive' - I'm driving out from Reno.  :smt003   We were gonna drop a crab trap and be on to fishing.  My buddy has only been out a couple times and beginning to catch the fishing bug.  I'll have a radio on 69.  We're in a blue hobie and a red wilderness yak.  You're welcome to join.  :smt001


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Thanks for the invite, unfortunately I'm out for the foreseeable future as grad school is taking all my free time (and then a lot more). If i could mind-meld me some managerial accounting then I'd be all over it... until then I need to keep on the books
will graduate early 2019...
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Mental?  perhaps

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If I can get my $hit together today, I will try to make it tomorrow...
If not, good luck & be safe!

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