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Topic: Making Sense of the Kern River Regulations  (Read 301 times)

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November 30, 2017

Question: Iím from Bakersfield and I see in the regulations that there is a portion of the Kern River that is open to fishing year-round. Does this also include streams that flow into the Kern River? Also, if you are practicing catch-and-release, can you fish for trout when the season is closed? (Cody G.)

Answer: Cody, you are correct in that the portion of the Kern River from Lake Isabella north to the Johnsondale Bridge is open to trout fishing year-round. However, the other waters in that part of Tulare County, including the streams that flow into the Kern River, fall under the general regulations for the Sierra Sport Fishing District and are only open the last Saturday in April through Nov. 15. If you have specific questions about particular streams, you can always check the Trout, Salmon and Special Regulations portion of the 2017-18 Freshwater Sport Fishing Regulations, which will list individual waters, such as the Kern River, with special fishing regulations. If the specific stream you are curious about is not listed, then that stream falls under the general regulations of that particular sport fishing district.

Please be aware that the Kern River above the Johnsondale Bridge is a special regulation water that is open to trout fishing the last Saturday in April to Nov. 15 with restricted limits and minimum size requirements, and only artificial lures with barbless hooks may be used.

In regard to your other question, you cannot fish for trout in any fashion when the season is closed to trout fishing. The portions of the Kern River that close to trout fishing are also closed to fishing for all other fish species with the exception of fishing for amphibians, freshwater clams, crayfish and lampreys. When fishing for these other species, however, no hook-and-line methods are allowed during the closed trout season.