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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: Timber Cove 10/14  (Read 413 times)

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2nd post - thought I'd do a report from my first trip out to Timber Cove a month back.

Hit the water at 7 or 8 - little bit of swell and no wind to speak of with 2 friends. This was my first time out on the water and they were pretty comfortable out there so I felt good about it. Launch was good, paddle out was good, swell was fine after us delaying the trip a few weeks. Fished Saturday and Sunday.

Went out straight and drifted to the south and fished 70-120 feet of water - my friends fish finder broke but I had a line counter on my reel so that helped a bit. Got about a dozen rockfish over the two days and 2 or 3 big lings (2 days)

I didn't have fish grips or a big net or a gaff (rookie move) and one of the big Lings came up I freaked a little bit knowing how big there teeth are. I was using a hex bar so I just picked him up on it and threw em between my knees haha. A stupid situation but my boys are still intact - lesson learned.

Overall a really good trip. Even helped someone with a NCKA sticker on there F150 steady there yak on their truck. Small world.

Looking for cheap rod recommendations too - I have a Uglystik Tiger 5' 8" that's rated for 8-16oz, looking for something that's about similar size but in the 2-6 oz range.


PS if you see me out in the wild, say hello. Trying to drop pots some day soon, but work is kicking my ass right now (self-employed).


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Nice haul, I'm looking to make a first trip to Timber Cover soon and this kind of post is encouraging. How long were you out each day?

Based on some recommendations here I went with a Trevala rod, which I'm hoping will be a do-it-all rig.  I went with a 6' 6", but it also comes in 5' 8".


At Tomales Saturday I saw a bunch of kayakers pulling decent pots just south of Hog Island.  Might have been a group on here...



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Nice post. I dont use my super high end gear on my yak. It tends to get banged around.
My go to rod for TC or any type of RF is a ugly stik tiger elite jig stick 6' with a Daiwa Sealine  Its light, fast and has lots of power. And most of all, its affordable.
The weather doesn't look fishable in the near future but if it lets up, let's fish!


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Nice haul, man!  Thanks for sharing the intel.

No specific rod recommendation, but I prefer a much longer rod for the kayak, but then I prefer to cast and retrieve big swimbaits as my primary approach.  The longer rod also helps when fighting bigger fish, as you can easily clear the bow of the kayak when the fish heads a different direction.  I use rods typically in the 7 1/2 to 9 foot range.  Only downside is when landing the fish, the longer rod makes it slightly more difficult to get the fish very near the kayak, but that can be overcome with some practice and the use of a good net and/or gaff. 

Those Trevala rods recommended by hihogonzo are great workhorse rods and seemingly very durable.  They seem to be best suited to vertical jigging with braided line.  Too much of a parabolic bend for the type of swimbait fishing I prefer though.  Best advice is keep trying different options until you settle into what works best for your preferred methods. 

See you out there.  If the weather looks good between now and Dec. 31st, I'll be out on the Sonoma/Mendo coast for another shot at the big female lings that inhabit the shallows this time of year.  Let me know if you are going.  Would be happy to let you try a few different outfits. 



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Thanks for the recommendations. I really want to get out there again before the season ends but we'll see if that happens. It's kind of a hike from the City but the fishing is unmatched from my short experience at it. I fish a few times a week in the Bay and surf, but it's so hit or miss- the reason I got a yak is because I know the fish are beyond reach of the shores. Give me a shout if either of you head up north,


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I'm mostly a shore angler and this week has been pretty brutal in the surf... it's that "I want to go out, oh wait, 10 foot swells... hmmm maybe I could catch something? right?" Probably not.

Had a job go sideways today (people working right where I'm supposed to paint so a no go) - so now I'm trying to figure out what beach might be halfway decent for snaring. Thinking China.