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2018 AOTY/DOTY Entry

Topic: The evolution of Glassy (pro fisha 525)-  (Read 1211 times)

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Oh fanboys and onlookers,

Man, this has been quite the journey. I have a blog post written all up but it is not ready for primetime yet. I digress and let's talk about the Yak. So, I am almost a month and a few days in and rigging this beautiful boat has been nerve-wracking and so much fun. Talk about extreme highs and lows, but this is what I have done thus far. I got it home put it together then cut it to shit. The end result is pretty amazing.

Flush Mount:
Lowrance Hook 5 - Flush mount in between my legs.
Yes, I cut a hole in my yak, I am going for a very clean deck feel with this boat so hopefully when I get a little proficient at diving it is a great dive platform also with no clutter on the deck. I saw this online from RokkitKit out of Aus and I think it is the easiest and best placement of your finder (for me).

Then the finish mount:

 I have a video showing all the under mounts I will post it later. This install is not hard but it leaves a hole in your yak, you have to be confident you want this forever.

Cover Latch:
I installed a Bungie cover latch. It was pretty easy just a hole in the lid and 3/4 bolt with two Bungie stays, I opted not to cut another hole and used the pre-existing pole holder bolts with red bungie to match the racing stripes.

Flush mount Rail Blaza ports:
I added two flush mount Rail Blaza ports just north of the hatch, I opted to drill holes and use the bottom of the port as backing.  I know I will troll these for Halibut and salmon so I wanted to add something to the bottom of the mount but they are sturdy.

These came out really well and I like the look of the total deck.


I called stealth and asked if they could make me a custom seat to match the paint job of my kayak. It came and it is pretty.I really like it, the back support will be needed for those 6 hours paddle sessions.

I replaced all the feet on the handles because they were cracking. Stealth sent me a bunch of new ones to replace the shotty ones.

For now, I am done rigging I have the battery box to mount then I am set. Hoping to get out and slay something soon. Hoping

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Nice work, Anthony.  Looking forward to seeing you in action on that beautiful ride.  :smt001
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Looks sexy Anthony!!!

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Sick setup! I'm a bit jellyof all the farkle you have. FF flush mounted looks fantastic. I actually did the same to my 460 using the elite 5ti. The folks in SA also sent me a full replacement set of top plates for all the handles since there were several on mine that were already cracked. I have yet to install my railblaza mounts but looking at what you've done has given me some ideas.
Tight lines and look forward to seeing some blood on the deck and spilling some on mine as well.
One thing to add and I'm in no way advertising or selling these but I actually purchased the Noqua battery and absolutely love it. Huge difference from my old battery in my outback. Thing only weighs about a pound or so.

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Nice work!   :smt007

Most of us cringe at the idea of drilling/cutting so much, but man, you did a clean job!  Very slick.
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Dude that kayak is clean.What a great job.Thank you for sharing.I just picked up a 460.I will do nothing to it until I see you and Rubens kayaks in person.Very nice work bro.
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Wow. Looks amazing. Can I have my stealth back Tiny? JK. LOL.😁


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Thanks everyone I will post some more photos and video later.  I added a few racing stripes to add a little flare to the boat and my Keelezee should be here this week to protect my seams.

Then I will bloody the deck and fill the freezer, proper like. LOL
2017 Stealth - Pro Fisha 525- Grey and Blood Red
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Sweet ride! Love that flush FF! RokkitKit has a nice set up and yours looks like the racing version with that red stripe.

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I have to ask, when you paddle to do you get droplets on the FF, and does the angle of the FF present glare in bright sun?  Thanks  BTW Sweet ride!
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