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Topic: Places to Launch Near Brannan Island?  (Read 484 times)

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Would like some advice.
I plan on fishing near Brannan Island SRA.  Is it best to launch from Brannan Island SRA, or are there other spots nearby to launch my kayak.  My concerns are: vehicle safety while fishing; launch spots with shorter paddling/pedaling distance to fishing grounds.

I would obviously prefer to paddle an extra mile from a safer parking spot than risk windows being broken.  Give me your two cents. Thx in advance.
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You're probably better off just launching at Brannan Island.

But Eddo's is one possibility. It's a couple miles south of Brannan Island, so maybe a bit far based on your post; might work for your plans given the right tide. They charge $10. I've launched from there many times & never had any parking problems or vandalism.

It's been years since I launched anywhere in the Delta except from a marina - precisely because of the car safety issue. For current pricing, the most expensive I know of is B&W ($12). Most are $10. The 2 I know of that charge $5 are Holland Riverside (if you launch off the lawn/beach not the boat ramp) & Bethel Harbor (you have to launch off the dock). I think Sherman Island is also $5 as long as you don't have a trailer.

Good luck. Striper fishing's been spotty so far this season, but I've had a couple really good days.


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Thx Bill for the the intel. I am going to add those launch spots to the list I gathered from another post on Delta launch spots.

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